Friday, January 25, 2008

Market Day....

Dearest Friends,
I love going to the local market and selecting delightful foods for my dear family.  As you may have guessed, I love all things from the past and that includes groceries! I can almost smell the scent of the local mercantile where the aroma of fresh ground coffee mingles with sausage and fresh cheese.  Her basket in hand, our darling Homekeeper of the Past, gracefully selects the best food for her family.... Here is a list of some of the groceries available in 1900 as well as the price that a homemaker would pay as she went about her day at the market.......

Breakfast Bacon $0.13/lb                Spring Chicken $0.07/lb

Eggs  $0.14/doz                                Green Turtle Meat $2.75

Gelatin $0.15                                      Sugar 100lbs/$5.80

Sardines in Oil  $0.05                         Early June Peas  $0.10

Swiss Cheese  $0.25/lb                      Seed Potatoes  $0.35/bu.

Well, tomorrow will be market day here at Honey Hill Farm, where I am sorry to say I won't be paying $0.14/doz for eggs!  Of course, I am not shopping for Green Turtle Meat either!
Yours in kindred spirit,


Anonymous said...

Interesting to see how the prices have changed isn't it??? I have some old bank books of my grandmother and grandfathers, and I love to see the prices they give for things. A model T car for $75.00 is one of them that blew me away!!!

God's Blessings,

Amy Jo

Amanda said...

That was an interesting read.I too love learning about things from days gone by. How people lived,worked played, and worshipped.

Thanks for the post!

Amanda <><

II Corinthians 5:7

Anonymous said...

Where does one store 100 lbs of sugar?!? I'd skip the sardines with the turtle....