Friday, February 15, 2008

A Closer Look......

Dearest Readers,

I have had a few requests to show a close-up picture ofthe opposite side of my pantry.  I did include a more distant view in the post below. 

The Hoosier belonged to Dearest's Great Aunt who lived in our home until her passing at age 96.  She always kept the Hoosier tucked into this snug little pantry.  It is amazingly useful and holds all of my baking needs, from flour to spices.

The "stained-glass" window is actually just cling film, made especially for windows, from the hardware store.  Please forgive the plastic window dovering that you can see, but old houses are drafty and this helps us keep the cold at bay. I can't wait to remove it this spring.

I also had a few questions about my pantry:

Where have I acquired all of my jars? I have bought them at the hardware store, Target and was lucky enough to have a kind older lady give me all of her canning jars a few years ago - she was just going to throw them away....oh dear!

How do you label your jars?  I have some very cute and very victorian post-it labels that I found at Michael's in the $1.00 bin.  They are so handy and I can take them off when I wash the jars or if I change the contents.

Where do you store all of your canned goods?  I keep all packaged foods that cannot be stored in jars in either the lower part of the Hoosier or in my stock pantry in the fruit cellar. 

I enjoy sharing with you my Dear Friends, so please leave me questions anytime and I will try and answer them.  I am no expert, but I will do my best!

I so hope that you have a pleasant and gentle day,



gabbie427 said...

Adorable!!!! That Hoosier cabinet is beautiful!

God's Blessings,

Amy Jo

Kitty said...

OH my gosh, how wonderful your kitchen is. I can't wait to see the rest of your house........Kitty

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I loved your tips,too.I have always wanted a Hoosier Cabinet,they are just so functional yet beautiful at the same time,and yours is such a great one.With the family history behind it,makes it even a more special piece.I love the window cling,I thought it was real stained glass.You have so many sweet touches in your home,and I am so glad you are sharing them with all of us.You really are such a blessing and an inspiration to us,thank you again for posting, and I can't wait to see the rest of your house,too.God bless you and have a wonderful weekend.


littlejennywren said...

Shan, your kitchen and pantry are just beautiful. It's so wonderful that you know the history of so much of it having done so much of the work yourself. I really like your stove, it is what I have always had in mind for my kitchen but have never found.And the Hoosier is wonderful. I don't think we had such things in Australia but I have seen them in magazines.

kimmer said...


Your home is more lovely than ever! Can you please include pics of your bath? (I never got to see the finished product.) This is an incredible blog, and I see it going places for you and devotees of the simple Victorian life! Keep up your tips and I personally know you are amazingly talented and have unique and wonderful ideas!

Much love to you, Dearest and the little Darlings!

Your "little" Sis