Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A cup of tea please.......

Dearest Readers,

A hot cup of tea and a warm fire have been so necessary these last few days.  I have had a slight sore throat and have not ventured far from the easy chair.  I did some reading, earmarking articles to study further, in my library copies of Mother Earth News.  There was an article on a portable chicken coop that was worth a deeper look, as well as, some organic gardening spray made with Fels Naptha I would like to try this year.  I will be sure and post this "recipe" after I have had a chance to try it myself.

Speaking of gardens, I am anxiously waiting for my R. H. Schumway's catalog to arrive. Their Victorian era inspired catalog is not only beautiful to look at, it has an amazing variety of heirloom seeds.  I enjoy planting my garden with edibles that would have been available at the turn-of-the-century, so this catalog is a dream come true! We usually cannot plant anything here until after Mother's Day, as we can have snow clear into May, so I have a while to dream about my garden.

I did make some curtains to put down in the fruit cellar.  They cover a shelving unit that I store all of my canning supplies, food mill, etc.  It is such a nice "old" looking print.  It has a beige background with navy flowers and looks tea-dyed.  I had to laugh when I first saw the material - I have tea-dyed so many things over the years that my family never knows if a pot of brewed tea is to drink or to decorate with! 

Well, it is time to close as I must get to the business of running my household.  I have to do some laundry, pay a few bills and think of something wonderful to bake, as my Darlings have had to stare at an empty cookie jar for far too long.  Those poor things!

Yours kindredly,



homesteadmama4 said...

I saw the article for building the portable chicken coup on the Mother Earth News website. I saved it to read later.

Thank you for the link to the seed catalog. I have been looking for some good ones.

I love tea staining. My family is used to me now but I remember the first few times having to explain what I was doing. I like the different darker streaks that run through it when I stain mine. Have you ever used instant coffee? I tried it although it is more expensive so I will stick with the tea. May try Red Zinger and see how that turns out.

Hope that your throat is feeeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was yesterdays' snow, but it seemed a good day to bake, so I filled my cookie jar today too! (maybe great minds think alike?) Hope your throat is better soon, I've got a touch of this as well and Celestial Seasonings Echinacea Cold Season tea has been soothing to my throat, but I had to go get the box to figure out how to spell it! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling all better soon!

~Kimberly (again!)