Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lavender, Bunnies and Chicks......

Dearest Readers,

It is time to decorate for Easter here at Honey Hill Farm.  One of the sweet little nooks in our dear old house is located right inside the front door......

For the spring into summer season I hang 3 wire baskets filled with spanish moss, lavender and greenery. It is easy to add new flowers or flags (think 4th of July) to add to the sense of the season.

Dearest added a "spotlight" to the buffet and I scavenged a piece of velvet from my fabric stash.  A delicious "chocolate" bunny stands tall among the lavender and is joined by a very sweet chick.  A few old boxes and tins surrounded by old millinery, add a sweet old fashioned feel ......

We can't forget to put out a carrot for any stray bunnies that stop here at Honey Hill Farm.....

Just a little glimpse of this quiet, gentle day.......

Until tomorrow dear friends,



southernbelle said...

I already feel like we've been friends for years. You have such a unique sense of decorating. I used to be more like you are and you've inspired me to look for that person that's been hiding for a while. What a beautiful nook and Easter tablescape. I can't wait to see and read more of your entries.

haflinger said...

Very nice pictures I like it..I saw that choc bunny I wanted to take a bite out of Is that real lavender?

Blessings Sister Brenda

gabbie427 said...

I love your decorating skills. You look like you live in a favorite shop of mine. LOL I look at the pictures and just feel at home immediately.

That chocolate bunny is so pretty!!! I want to eat him though! LOL

God's Blessings,

Amy Jo

lindseyinal said...

I saw your comment over at my blog this morning so I figured it was time to introduce myself :) I have thoroughly enjoyed gawking at your lovely home and reading about your adventures in decorating it. My nearly 3 year-old daughter would LOVE to visit you- she adores all things "byoo-foh" and would probably just wander around your home saying "that's byoo-foh!" over and over again (she's a little short of adjectives but she's sincere)

You commented on my weight loss ticker- I haven't actually posted about my weight loss on my blog but you have inspired me to do just that. So keep your eyes peeled and sometime in the next few days I will disclose the secrets of my success ;)

I would love to know just what you did to the ceiling in your parlor. It is so neat-looking but I can't quite figure out what I am looking at (sort of an optical illusion) Oh, and your Easter decorations are wonderful! That chick in particular gives me such a feeling of joy. I know chicks don't really have much to do with the real meaning of the Resurrection but his expression fills me with delight because it's so similar to what I feel at the thought of what my Savior did for me. Is that dorky? :)


Anonymous said...


You inspired me to get after it this weekend,and though my home will never be as pretty as yours,it made me feel really good to add a few touches here and there.Thanks so much for the inspiration,I love coming to visit and see what you have been up to.Have a wonderful,blessed day. Love,Gayle

Anonymous said...


Thanks for popping by my blog :)

Your house is absolutely beautiful!!! I love your Easter decor and I had to laugh because I have the same chocolate bunny ! I also love your old hoosier and how it looks with the yummy canned goods above it. You home seems very warm and inviting. I think we would have a blast antiquing together.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Hi Shan,

I am so looking forward to my quiet days again. It won't be much longer and I will be back there.