Saturday, February 16, 2008

What I am Wearing Today...

Dearest Readers,

Today, Dearest, all the Darlings and I will be heading to the Home and Garden Show.  We just love attending this event!  There are so many ideas for gentle living, from solar power to xeriscaping.  This show has delights for all of the senses....beautiful flowers, different types of music and of course, the cooking demonstrations - with samples! 

Today I am long navy skirt, navy granny boots (I have had them for years), a red turtleneck and my dark navy denim jacket decorated with embroidered and beaded cherries.  I have a sparkly cherry necklace and earings.  This outfit is most comfortable for walking and looking and eating!  What are you Wearing Today dearest readers?

Well, off to the show for a delightful day with my wonderful family!


Yours truly,



crewchief said...

Well, I have 2 things going on today. Firstly I will be working on the snow sculpture for our church. For that I will be wearing many many layers of nice warm clothes.

Later this afternoon, I have the Women's Fellowship for our church and I'll be wearing my dark brown sweater with my long straight tan skirt and my brown hiking boots. (We have 6 inches of new snow!)

Right now I'm still in my PJs (Its 8:30 AM!)

Anonymous said...

Shan, your outfit sounds so pretty.And the cherry jacket sounds really cute!Would love to see a picture of it.Let us know how the day went.Love,Gayle