Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Beautiful Morning.......

Dearest Readers,

Our dining room looked so pretty early this morning, as sunshine spilled in through the lace curtains.  I sipped on a delicious cup of cinnamon coffee as I made my list of "to do's" for the day....

I must go to our local craft store and purchase more gold stencil paint for the middle bedroom.  I promise to share photos of the transformation of this room from plain to very Victorian! 

I also will decorate my entryway for our much anticipated Double Graduation Party!  We have two of the Darlings graduating in early May, one from college and one from high school.  I always have a theme for my entryway for each month or season.  Normally, I would be putting out my "Spring" decorations, but I thought it would be better to go ahead and put out the "School Days" decorations so that I have one less thing to do before the party.  I have slates, chalk, books, ribbon-clad "diplomas", Victorian graduation prints and more! 

Last on my list, will be making Banana Bread, as I have a few rather sad looking bananas that mustn't go to waste.  All in all, a wonderfully gentle day!

Yours kindredly,


The dining room at Honey Hill Farm.  This picture was taken from the parlour side of the room looking towards the kitchen. 



Lady Laurie said...

Dear Shan,

Love, Love your home!! I am so enamoured with the Victorian/Edwardian Era...I do enjoy looking at homes that are Shabby Chic and everything painted white, but I really prefer to keep furniture as it was meant to be. I have one piece I painted white for my parlour and it does look very pretty, but all of our other furniture is cherry or oak from antique stores and we get compliments on it all the time.

I have some sad bananas sitting here as well and was thinking of making some yummy with a cup of tea!!

Enjoy your day, I love going to craft stores, even if I am only window shopping, I get tons of ideas!

My middle son ( I have three 20, 18, and 16) is graduating from high school in May as well!

In Friendship,

Lady Laurie

bodkin said...

A true Kindred Spirit!!

Thank you for the kind comments, dear friend!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place to break bread! Shan, you have such a beautiful home,and each time you give us a little peek it is always worth the wait.Congratulations on your children's milestones,how proud you must be.Don't forget to share your recipe for the banana bread! Love,Gayle

Anonymous said...

Dear Shan,

You have a wonderful gift for decorating! I love your beautiful dining room! The sun shining in is so lovely and peaceful! I enjoy every picture you share of your dear home! You have made your Honey Hill Farm look like something from a bygone era! It is so very cozy, warm and inviting. I, like Lady Laurie, enjoy the shabby chic look, but prefer to keep furniture as it was as well. We never paint our antique furniture. I have a couple of dressers, a buffet, and several little tables that have all been left just as they were. We enjoy them and they look nice along with our shabby things.

I look forward to seeing your entry way decorated for your darlings Double Graduation Party. I know you are excited about celebrating both their graduations!

Enjoy your banana bread baking! Your kitchen will smell wonderful!

I can hardly wait to see the photos of your Victorian bedroom in the making! I would love to have more "Victorian" in my home!

Blessings, Paula

bodkin said...

You are so thoughtful and dear to give me such compliments. I will cherish your kind words always.



Anonymous said...

Dear Shan,

I appreciate your kind words! You are a lovely lady and your writings and pictures are a blessing to me!

May the Lord bless you!


CarrieAnn7 said...

Your home is so beautiful. My dear sweet grandmother (whom our only daughter is named after) had a oil and vinegar set similar to the one in the middle of your table. What wonderful childhood memories flooded my mind as I looked at that photo (and the one you posted earlier of a close up).

You had asked about the bloomer pattern that I use. I have been searching for the original so that I could give you a pattern number, but all I have is the revised version that I worked out on newspaper. Sorry! If it shows up though I will certainly let you know.

Many Blessings;


stitchnchick said...

What a beautiful room! I wish we could sit and chat over a cup of coffee. Your blog always makes me feel right at home. So lovely and peaceful! :-)


brumbemom said...

Love the pictures and your serene lifestyle. I am ahuge fan of banana bread, but I do not have a good recipe. Could you give me yours.