Friday, March 14, 2008

A Day In My Life.....

Dearest Readers,

As promised.......a glimpse of an ordinary day in my life here at Honey Hill Farm.......

No alarm here on the farm, just the gentle waking as the sun peeks in through the lace curtains. Down the stairs to the kitchen where I started the coffee, adding a pinch of cinnamon to make it special. 

It was cool and a bit breezy so I dressed in my favorite black long skirt, black turtleneck and a pretty dark rose Victorian sweater.  I added an old-fashioned black onyx and gold filigree bar pin to finish the look.  I left my hair long but pulled it up at the crown with large hair combs. 

Dearest and I went out for breakfast as we always do on Friday morning.  Then it was off to the Post Office to mail some bills and to the Bank to make a deposit. 

The Bank was having a Bake Sale to raise money for one of their employees who is battling cancer so we bought a lovely loaf of Blueberry Bread to have later in the day with a steaming cup of tea. (We will offer up a prayer for this courageous young man.)

On the way back home, we remarked on the price of gasoline, $3.09/gallon for regular unleaded!  We reminded ourselves, once again, that we have been so blessed to have sold our transportation company last year!  These prices would have surely put us out of business.

Back at Honey Hill Farm, I tidied up the kitchen, putting things into their rightful places....ahhhh..... On to the ironing, nothing much, just a few napkins for everyday use. The house was pretty tidy, so just a load or two of laundry called my name.

I spent the dearest part of the day studying my owner's manual for the digital camera that we bought in September.  I haven't tried out any of the settings really, and wanted to experiment with all the "bells and whistles".  I am NOT good with anything mechanical, so this was worth a giggle or two! 

Dearest made sure to have a nice fire going in the front parlour stove for me, as I am always cold......unless it is summer, then I am too hot!! (I have a 2 degree comfort range from 70-72F - LOL). At this point in the day, Dearest would like you to know that I almost put him in a coma as I tossed him things to add to the recycle bin.....oooopppps!

By 3:00pm it was time for Dearest to head to the soccer field (football for you Aussies) where he works as a referee.  He loves soccer and has been a referee for about 12 years now.  This season should pay just enough for him to purchase some long-sought-after woodworking tools.  I sent him on his way with a thermos of coffee and a large slice of the Blueberry Bread....brrrrr, it is quite cold!

The youngest and oldest Darlings are home by this time of day, so a snack is in order.  Our oldest opted for the Blueberry Bread, while the youngest thought some popcorn sounded fine.

An easy supper of leftovers tonight instead of tomorrow (as planned) fit the bill as we have plans with friends for supper tomorrow night....easy peasy lemon squeezy! Our Darling Girl always gives us a call each evening to let us know about her day while she is away at College. So now, with everyone now tucked in safely, it's a warm fire, cozy robe and slippers and an episode or two from our DVD of "Christy". 

Finally, thankful prayers for this gracious day are offered, followed by quiet slumber as we snuggle under our quilts. And that, my dearest friends, is a day in my life here at Honey Hill Farm......just a gentle, lovely day.



Pictures:  Doll made by my dear Mother, wearing our Darling Girl's baby clothes. Baby bottle with goat nipple and some precious dishes make a charming display here at Honey Hill Farm.

Front Parlour stove, blazing away thanks to Dearest!


littlejennywren said...

Oh Shan , that was a great day. You sound just like my mum with your limited temperature comfort range.By the way, we call it soccer here too as we have our own brand of football as well. The rest of the world calls it football but we, like you, like to be different.

kim2661 said...

Thank you Shan for sharing your lovely day and home with us.

Peace and blessings, Kim

rildapeel1 said...

I enjoyed your post!! What a awesome way to journal. Each day is a blessing and thanks for sharing yours. Lovingly, rilda *U*

bodkin said...

A quick note of thanks for all the nice comments that have been left on my blog as of late. It is so nice to know that there are kindred spirits out there!

Yours truly,