Monday, March 24, 2008

A New Look......

Dearest Readers,

My eldest stayed by my side today and helped me make a few changes to the look of my blog.  I hope that you will enjoy the gentle "home" I tried to create.

Yours kindredly,



southernbelle said...

Very pretty Shan. I love the robin's egg blue.

stitchnchick said...

Oh, it's just beautiful and so peaceful. It's so YOU! :-)


Anonymous said...

Dear Shan,

The new look of your blog is so pretty! It suits you well and you have created that "gentle" home look!



Sandra said...

I love the new look of your blog!

It's such a pleasure to visit here. I can feel myself relax as I read your posts and view your beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Eldest, for all your kind help to your precious Mother! You and the other two darlings are living proof of the rewards of living the simple life, of investing one's time in family instead of things.


Oh, and Shan, yes - the blog looks great, as always!!

Kitty said...

I LOVE it. Great job. I can't wait untill I figure out how to do all the computer stuff and can change mine around sometimes............Kitty

Anonymous said...

So sweet and serene,very good job!


Lady Laurie said...

How lovely your new page looks!

Your blog is indeed a gentle spot in this too busy world of ours, I like to settle in with a cup of tea and visit with you for a bit.

LadyintheMaking said...

Shan, your blog looks wonderful.

I want you to know that I printed out your post about following the "old ways" and put it in my household binder. :) I even kept your sweet signature on it to remind me of whose wisdom it is. :) You'll never know how you have impacted my life.

HSBFrontPorch said...

Someone has nominated you to be a Featured Blogger. Can you contact me?

Kris Price

Senior Editor,