Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pinching a few Pennies

Dearest Readers,

Today was spent in the quiet and gentle pursuit of taking care of my family.  Besides the laundry, a home-cooked meal, and spring cleaning, Dearest and I took time to look over our budget and come up with a few things we could "pinch" to save money. 

We found that by calling any of the companies that offer you a service such as the cable company, phone company, trash, insurance, etc., you can usually reduce your bill by gently asking them to look over your account and "re-bundle" your bill to reflect the best price they offer.  You may have to renew your contract, i.e. the phone company, but if you don't plan to move or take your business elsewhere it makes sense to do this.

In short order, Dearest and I managed to put $90.00/month back into our household budget, just by setting aside time this morning and calling each of our service providers.  Thankfully, we can use this money to offset the rising cost of gas and groceries, etc. without feeling the pinch!

Tomorrow, we will run our errands in town. We plan to purchase whole wheat flour and baking supplies in bulk, our budget will not be effected as we plan to use our savings from today as our "bank" for deepening our pantry.  Since the price for wheat/wheat products continues to rise this should help our family stay well-fed and keep our budget in check.

I believe that one of the best ways we Mommas can take care of our families is to embrace the old-fashioned ways of our ancestors.  That means scratch baking, hanging out laundry, mending clothing, sewing, keeping things in repair and tending a garden.  Besides the joy of reconnecting ourselves with these long forgotten pursuits, we will be all the better suited to keep our families well fed and happy during the mean seasons of economic downturns. 

Blessings from a more frugal Honey Hill Farm,




gabbie427 said...

Great post!! I especially liked the last paragraph describing what us mommys do!

God's Blessings,

Amy Jo

Anonymous said...

Dear Shan,

Thank you for all you shared in this wonderful post, and the beautiful photo! I love the painting with the mother and child, that is so beautiful! The bowl and pitcher are so pretty and old fashioned, and the old pocket watches and baby shoes are just lovely! The pink paint is so pretty too. What a gift you have for decorating and displaying your pretties! You home is something from a bygone era and I am so glad I can "visit" you.

I agree with Amy Jo, I loved what you shared in the last paragraph, that is so true and was very well said! Thank you!


bodkin said...

You might like to know that the picture of the Mother is actually a Mother's Day card. I frame cards all the time!

The "pink" room is our Master Bedroom. Would you like a tour? I would be happy to post about it, but I never now what interests my dear readers.

Yours kindredly,


Anonymous said...

I love the card,too.So pretty.And I also have my childrens baby shoes always out on display.There is nothing sweeter.I would love you to do a tour of your home,that would be great! You have so many pretty ideas, and everything is so peaceful and soothing in your colors.Love,Gayle

fcusick said...

Why not submit this for this weeks Homesteading carnival? or another?

Check out my website for details!



Sandra said...

I would love to see more pictures of your home...a tour would be wonderful!

I enjoyed this post. We're are also trying to live more frugally and wisely. Thanks for the encouragement to do the little all helps.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shan, You are so welcome! Thank you for offering a tour of your bedroom! I know it is gorgeous! I would love to see all of your home. I enjoy all the beautiful photos of your home that you have shared and your lovely Easter decorations. I would love to see more and hear more about your dear Honey Hill Farm!

I just love that you framed that beautiful card! That is a wonderful idea!

The Lord bless you!


fcusick said...

The 42nd Carnival is up!

Thank you for participating this week. Don't forget to get your entry in for next week's :)



LadyintheMaking said...

Hi Shan!

I love all of your posts, do you know that? I liked this one especially. I, along with many others, would love a tour of your home! You do such a marvelous job of decorating. Thank you for posting such inspirational thoughts. Bless you, Dear One!

LadyintheMaking said...

I just wanted to check and make sure everything was alright with you! :)

have a great day!