Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hello Again.......

Dearest  Readers,

I have missed chatting with you!  My much needed break has allowed me to regain the gentle flow of everyday living.  It is so important to allow ourselves the freedom to say "no thank you" when life becomes so crowded that we cannot take care of those we love best. 

So, now that my home is in order, the invitations sent, the soil tilled and most importantly my family is happy and well tended, I can reconnect with you my dear friends.

Last we met, I was providing glimpses into our dear Honey Hill Farm.  Here are two pictures of shelves that Dearest put up in our bedroom.  Note the "border" paper above the was regular wallpaper that I cut in half to make it border paper.  I believe that I paid a whopping $1.25 for the roll from the clearance bin!  Next, there is stenciling to help enhance the Victorian feel that I adore. As you can see, I have quite a myriad of collectibles that have made themselves at home. 

The baby clothes were worn by the Darlings.  The cloak and shawl keep me warm in the cooler months while the purses add a little style to my outfits! 

I am so glad to be back in your company my dear, dear friends.  I will post regularly now and I look forward to you visiting me!

Yours most kindredly,



Anonymous said...

Dear Shan,

I have missed your lovely posts, but I am glad to hear that things are going so well at home.

I love your shelf and all of your pretties!!

In Friendship,

Lady Laurie

Anonymous said...

Dear Shan,

I am so glad all is well and that you are writing again! You are so very right, it is important to allow ourselves the freedom to say no thank you so that we can take the best of care of our families! That is the only way to have the sweet gentle life you speak (and live) of!

I enjoyed the beautiful photos of your dear Honey Hill Farm. The wallpaper and stencil look so pretty! I love the shelves and all the pretties you have decorated with! Just beautiful! I also love that you displayed some of the darlings baby clothing and things that you use and enjoy! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home and your gift of decorating with us and your sweet gentle words... you are a dear friend!

Yours Kindredly,