Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Sparkling Day.......

Dearest Readers,

What a lovely day this has turned out to be!  We started out with about 4 inches of snow and ice covered windshields.  Now, it is just sunshine and pretty green grass!

I have been hard at work painting the middle bedroom in true Victorian style.  I think the entire room will cost about $65.00 for paint, stencil paint and the trim.  I have already taken a "before" picture and I will certainly take an "after" photograph to share with you.  Doesn't it feel wonderful to work with the provision He gives us and make it something special? 

I had such a wonderful sense of peace and purpose this week as I looked around our home and farm and realized all of the ways that we as a family have recycled and reused things that many would toss into the rubbish bin as they raced out to buy something new.  I do not say this with any arrogance, rather, gratitude that I and Dearest were both raised to be good stewards of the bounty we are provided.  It is such an important lesson to pass on to our children, this sense of simplicity and satisfaction. 

Well, I must go and check to see if the paint is dry enough so that I can put on a second coat.  I actually like to paint....isn't that silly!  I can tell you that Dearest is happy about that, as he does NOT like to paint at all.  So he builds things and I paint them....we are a match made in heaven!

Yours very truly, if a little paint splattered,


This charming little cup is dated 1908 and belonged to Josephine.  I imagine she received this as a prize at a carnival or fair, as this is called "souvenir glass".  I love to put tea lights in it and watch it sparkle in the evening. 

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Sumacsue said...

Hello. Such a lovely site. I want to share that we have four similar souvenir glasses. They belonged to my husband's paternal grandparents, who got them when they attended a fair in our town. One says Lexington Fair, 1914, one has the name William, one has the name Kathryn, and one says, "Oh you Rabbitt." (We assume it's supposed to be Rabbit, and the engraver just wasn't a good speller.)

They were both 18 at the time of the fair, and got married several years later. It is so sweet to think of them having fun at the fair, getting these little souvenirs, and then placing them somewhere in their home when they married. They eventually got passed on to my husband's parents, and then to us.

We are so happy to have them.

I have had them in a window because they look pretty with the sun shining through them. But, after seeing your groupings of objects, I think I might try to come up with a display that includes some old photos of William and Kathryn, in pretty frames.