Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Wee Garden........

Dearest Readers,

My Darling Girl wanted to take a few gifts to those who have been tremendous blessings to her in her college journey these last four years.  Of course, we try to give gifts made by hand when possible, and so we began searching for something unique, inexpensive and quick!  We came across a website called Wee Gardens....and we knew we had found our inspiration.

Off to the thrift store for cups, creamers or teapots!  We found 3 darling teacups and one creamer.  All we needed was some ground cover that was small in scale and a few miniatures to add some whimsy to our gardens. 

As my Darling Girl was feeling very poorly (she is better now), I told her that I would be happy to complete these charming gifts on my own.....

I bought 2 small pots of ground with little tiny flowers and one that resembled grass.  After removing the plant from its container, I cut each one into fourths with a knife.  I removed quite a bit of the soil and placed it in the cup, using the leftover soil to fill in the small gaps. 

Next, I quickly painted the unfinished little fences with acrylic paint.  Once dry, I propped each fence against the flowering ground cover. A small rake, glued to the fence, makes one think that a "wee gardener" has just stepped away for a moment! 

Each little garden cost about $5.00.  I think we could have made them for less but we didn't have enought time to really shop the thrift stores.....we paid about $3.00 per cup/creamer.  I know that I have seen cups, etc. for around 50 cents at other stores, but they are quite a distance from our house. 

This would be a wonderful project to make with your "littles".  It is delightfully easy and would make a splendid Mother's Day gift. 

Well, it is going to be a busy day here at Honey Hill Farm, so I best be going.  I have so enjoyed visiting with you, Dear Reader.

Yours kindredly,



Anonymous said...

Very cute. I know one gift that my mother and mother in-love will be getting for Mother's Day this year! :o) Thanks for the idea.


PS I tried the Alene's tacky glue on some lace trim I crocheted. I attached it to the edge of a worked like a charm. Thanks!

melaniedawn said...

I just love your Wee Garden!!! My husband likes to keep his cacti on my kitchen counter where they can get sun....I wonder if he would mind if I "teacupped" them?!


Anonymous said...

Dear Shan,

I hope you are doing well. These little wee gardens are so sweet! You did a wonderful job! Thank you for the link to the website. I have enjoyed looking at it.

Your middle bedroom looks so beautiful! As I have said before, you have a gift for decorating! Your dear Honey Hill Farm is a lovely place, thank you for sharing it!

I hope your daughter is much better!

Blessings, Paula (from Rose Cottage by the Lake)

Anonymous said...

These gifts are charming and thoughtful. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea! I enjoyed visiting your blog today. Blessings ~ Heather at

Sarah said...

Thank you Shan for posting such a lovely idea! It came just in time for Mother's Day! I used your idea to create gifts for the wonderful mothers in my life and have posted about it on my blog today!

I truly enjoy your blog, it provides me with a few moments of calm each day, thank you!