Monday, May 19, 2008

School Days Slate.....

Dearest Readers,

I just adore changing my entryway display each month or season.  With Graduation season upon us here at Honey Hill Farm, I decorated with my "School Days" theme.  I thought I would share a simple little School Days Slate idea with you today.

Start with a slate that you purchase at the hobby store.  Stain or paint the wooden edge, let it dry. I painted the "slate" on my chalkboard with black acrylic paint because I wanted to paint the words "School Days" in white acrylic and I felt it would make for a smoother surface for the painting.  

Next use a paper punch to make a teeny, tiny stencil. I used a Martha Stewart paper punch on very heavy cardstock.  Use a Q-tip for a stencil brush and stencil around the edge.  While you are letting things dry, find a font that you like and experiment with the size on paper.  When you are satisfied, and your slate is dry you can trace the letters on with either pattern transfer paper or Chaco paper (I use this for all of my hand painting transfers. It is found at the hobby store with all of the acrylic/oil paints.)

Now just paint the letters with white acrylic paint. Tip:  water down your acrylic paint just a little, this will make it easier to paint the letters. Take a deep breath and "write" just like you would if you had a pencil.  When the paint starts to fade, just dip your brush in the paint and start where you left off.  Don't try to go over the places you have already looks more like chalk this way.  

Let everything dry, then use a spray sealer and give it a quick coat.  Next, wipe a bit of burnt umber oil paint or antique glaze on the whole slate to make it look old, wiping away the excess.  After you let this dry, add another coat of sealer and you have a very old looking slate for very little money. 

I am going to put out my "Seaside Season" decorations this week, so I will share a photo or two! As always, I thank you for stopping by and visiting with me here at our lovely little farm!

Yours in Kindred Spirit,


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stitchnchick said...

Lovely, Shan! I have missed hearing from you. I haven't been able to blog much these days either. (Very busy Spring!) :-)