Monday, May 12, 2008

Time for a Chat with Dear Friends......

Dearest Readers,

My how I have missed you!  It has been quite busy here at Honey Hill Farm, with two of our Darlings graduating within a week of one another! 

First, I must update you on our Darling Girl....She attended her Graduation in a wheelchair!  The poor thing dislocated her knee right before her Nurses' Pinning ceremony on Friday, May 2nd.  She had gone to the store to pick-up a card for a Professor she wanted to thank, and suddenly she was on the floor of the store and they were calling an ambulance!  She was taken to a nearby hospital and I met her in the emergency room.  Of course, we fully expected to be there for the better part of the evening, and had even called to let her friends know that she most likely would not be attending the ceremony.  Well, it turns out that our Dear Girl had worked as a student with some of the staff on duty that night....they told her that they would NOT let her miss such an important event!  We were only in the emergency room for 2 hours!  We went straight to the Pinning Ceremony....crutches, hospital pants, and ID bracelet! A memorable evening to be sure.

Meanwhile, the lovely staff of the University arranged everything from parking for our family and a wheelchair, to a private usher to wheel her around during the Graduation Ceremony!  Our Daughter was so blessed to have attended a wonderful Jesuit University....the Holy Spirit is truly alive there! 

Our Darling Son's Graduation was no less eventful as the winds howled and the temperatures dropped.  The bunting was ripped off of the the stage while the beautiful flower arrangements toppled to the ground below.  Large speakers fell over, narrowly missing students!  Wisely, the administration shortened the ceremony and we all went willingly to our warm homes to celebrate.

All in all, it was a fun day, with friends and family sharing good food and memories of our two Graduates.

I must close now, but I should now have time to visit with you more often.

Yours kindredly,


Photo:  Just a few "School Days" decorations put out to commemorate the event!

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Anonymous said...

You have been missed! Sounds like things have been quite busy. It's nice to see you post again, though. I do like your decorations as well. It is all quite lovely!