Saturday, June 28, 2008

Getting Ready for the 4th......

Dearest Readers,

It is hard to believe that it is almost July!  We have been much occupied here at Honey Hill Farm.  One of the summer festivities we enjoy immensely is celebrating the Fourth of July! 

Normally, we would have a large gathering of family and friends out here on the farm.  We would have a BBQ, lots of fun games for the children (complete with prizes), face painting, volleyball, soccer, swimming and fishing in the pond.  I usually give a guided tour of our dear old Victorian home.  Later, it would be time to watch the fireworks.  From our hill we can see 5 different cities shoot off their beautiful fireworks....oooohhh......ahhhhh!

This year will be a little different though, as most of our family will be attending a wedding back east.  So, it will be a very quiet gathering of folks, oooohhhhing and ahhhhing together! 

No matter, I will still put up my decorations both inside and out! 

This simple wreath (I use over and over) is adorned with an old bunting woven through some seasonal flowers.  It ties in nicely with all the colors of the flowers that are blooming in our yard, but is boldly patriotic!

A small frame (from the discount store) sits in the middle with a glittering vintage postcard (from clipart) proudly proclaiming a Happy 4th!  This is easy to do and you can re-use the frame for other holidays!

Tomorrow I will bring you a few photographs of my entryway, brimming with patriotic pride.

Yours kindredly,



gabbie427 said...

I love how you have decorated the house for the upcoming holiday. It looks wonderful!

God's Blessings,

Amy Jo

Anonymous said...

ooops! That comment was from Kimberly. I forget it doesn't sign for me automatically here on Homestead Blogger.

Anonymous said...

I love your decorations! I have some of that bunting as well. I put it around the porch rails one year, but it is too windy out here. I do like your idea for the wreath...that might work. Hope you have a wonderful Fourth! Maybe we'll get together soon!

Sumacsue said...

Thanks for sharing your decorations. They are very nicely done. I like how you have tied the patriotic in with the flowers and Victoriana. I have our flag flying, but no other decorations, so, this has been an inspiration. I'll get busy!

stitchnchick said...

Thank you for stopping by dear friend! As always, you made my day. I LOVE the idea you and your friend have and wish I could join you. I have several Victorian era dresses that belonged to the women in my family (before they became plain folks). They are SO very tiny and delicate that I can't fit a toe in them! The women of that time seemed to be so dainty. (Or maybe I am just a big ox!) Maybe I should take a picture of might enjoy them. Your home looks so beautiful and festive. You always inspire me. :-)


Anonymous said...

Dear Shan,

Your dear Honey Hill Farm is such a beautiful place! You have such a gift for decorating! Thank you so much for sharing your pretty photos and creative ideas. I look forward to seeing inside.

Have a lovely day!


Paula (Rose Cottage by the Lake)

Lady in the Making said...

Shan, what a gorgeous home you have! I love brick homes. Your yard and decorating is just breathtaking. I wish I had a 1/4 of your talent!