Thursday, July 17, 2008

For the Love of Books....Our Library

Dearest Readers,

It had been our desire to have a home library for a long time, so it was our delight to be able to design and build our very own Library.  This delightful room is actually a sitting area off of the Master Bedroom, a cozy spot for a good book and a cup of tea.....

The best part of the room has to be, well....the books!  All of us that dwell here at Honey Hill Farm are avid readers. We have collected the classics as well as some new favorites.....

We have library "check-out" cards so that those nearest and dearest may borrow a volume or two.  We only ask that they be returned...they are part of the family after all! 

From "Little House on the Prairie" to biographies of the great leaders of our time...Winston Churchill....Abraham Lincoln.....our little library has something for everyone.....

It is entirely too easy for one to while away an afternoon tucked away in this little haven.....

It is a lovely place indeed. 

I hope you have time in your day to enjoy a good book!

Yours kindredly,



kim2661 said...

It looks so cozy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Peace and blessings, Kim

rildapeel1 said...

Oh how inviting! I also love to read although I seem to have a love to hear more so I order CD's. I love how you have decorated it so one will want to linger for a long while to just relax. I love your pictures and your home, please continue in sharing. Love, rilda

Anonymous said...

I can definately see how it would be so easy to spend a afternoon in the cozy library, It's just lovely along with the rest of your home. Thank you for sharing.

Blessing to you,


blessedmomof10 said...


Your library is so cozy! I love the old fashioned decor ~ I too have a love for old things and old books!



Anonymous said...

It is so pretty and inviting. I could imagine it would be hard to leave it once you got in there. I love old books,too. When the library has their annual sale, I get boxes of them and get so much enjoyment out of them.That is why I usually have 3-5 books going at one time.You can't pick just one that interests you.(smile) Shan, your beautiful home is such a wonderful place. I love the way you use different fabrics, colors, etc.You have a great eye for detail, and it shows. Have a wonderful weekend. Love,Gayle

Anonymous said...

Your library is simply lovely! I am another one that has always enjoyed having books about me :)

Thank you for sharing,


hmsteader71 said...

I absolutely love your room! I wish I had one! It is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Shan,

We are avid readers at our Rose Cottage by the Lake, too and I love your beautiful library. You have such a gift for decorating and making your home look so Victorian. It is so lovely and I could easily spend the day in that room reading a good classic.

Thank you so much for sharing your dear Honey Hill Farm.