Friday, July 25, 2008

Garden Days......

Dearest Readers,

Oh my, the long hot days of summer are here!  It has been so dry and dusty here in the foothills.  We are blessed to have our own water supply here on the farm.  We have a well for our domestic use and a cistern and pond for all of our farm needs.  I cannot imagine our water bill if we were not self-sufficient in this way.  We do try to use our water efficiently and keep waste to a minimum. I keep a kitchen timer wherever I am so that I don't forget to move a hose or change from one zone to the next!

As you can see, Miss Caul E. Flower keeps a close eye on our garden for us.  She is extremely hard-working and doesn't charge a penny......

She is quite lovely in her gloves and pearls....she always looks so cool and collected.

Dearest and I have managed to have a cool glass of lemonade on the front porch in between our chores.  (Isn't it lovely...Dearest built this a couple of years ago.  We have enjoyed it ever so much!)

Speaking of Dearest building is the latest from the "wood shop"......

Now, who says that compost can't be beautiful?  It is a dream (hence the "dream-like" effect on this photo) to use and should provide us with wonderful compost for our garden and flower beds.

We are just beginning to gather a few vegetables.  At almost 6000' in elevation, we are a few weeks behind the city.  It will be much later for our cucumbers!  It seems that some pesky varmit was munching on them as fast as they came up.  I put a wall o' water around each one and now have quite a few healthy looking plants.  Aaahhh.... pickles and relish!  I certainly will be busy this fall with all the canning that I hope to do.

I hope you are all enjoying the "fruits of your labors" this summer.  Oh dear, time to move the hose!

Yours kindredly,


Top Photo: The "Garden Hat" is the newest addition to my porch decorations and proudly portrays my love of flower and vegetable/fruit gardening!


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Anonymous said...

Dearest Shan, Your garden and sitting area are as lovely as the inside of your home. You make everything at Honey Hill Farm beautiful and as if it was from a different era.

I love the beautiful Garden Hat you made. it is so lovely and the ribbon you used goes perfectly with the flowers and veggies. I also love Miss Caul E. Flower, that is too cute! The front porch and compost bin your dearest built are beautiful. You are both so talented.

I am so glad you are self-sufficient with your water. The have increased our water charges and the gardens have suffered from lack of rain. We water when we can and have always been good at conserving. I do hope to have a well one day.

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely homestead!

Kindredly Yours,

Paula (from Rose Cottage by the Lake)