Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Tour Continues.....

Dearest Readers,

I thought it would be most pleasant to invite you to tour my dear Honey Hill Farm once again.  So won't you step into our Back Parlour......

This lovely room was an addition to our "old girl" about six years ago.  Dearest, the Darlings and I did all the work ourselves.  The bead-board covers everything, from ceiling to the baseboards.  It took me 1 month to stain it all!  We used one part Early American and one part Cherry to achieve the color that we wanted. 

We lovingly call this room "The Coop" as it is fashioned after our favorite feathered friends!  This old incubator  was the inspiration for it all.  Dearest's Aunt Lettie sold eggs and butter to keep the farm during the Great Depression, so you can imagine our surprise to find this darling treasure in the fruit cellar when we moved in!  A few twinkle lights, some excelsior and fluffy chicks make this the focal point of our decorations.

Dearest added darling touches like this little corner with a built-in shelf.  It holds a charming display of....what else....chickens!

As you head down to the fruit cellar, you can catch a glimpse of a few of our favorite things.  This ledge was designed by Dearest to hold my Christmas Village come winter!  He is too clever!!!

Of course, you know I have tried to "Victorianize" this side of the room.  But that pesky TV just doesn't look quite right, LOL!  Oh well, I have been blessed with a darling husband who lets me decorate to my heart's desire in the rest of the I guess he has to have a spot that is just his!

The old Victrola sits on top of the very butter churn Aunt Lettie used to make her butter.  We have old records that were left here and enjoy playing them.  How fun it is to  look at the faces of the children who hear them!

This cozy room is a delightful place to enjoy a cup of tea.

Come this winter our Soapstone Woodstove will be blazing brightly. 

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of the Back Parlour.  It is always my delight to show you the corners of my home and have you in for company!

Now I must say goodbye and start my Crockpot Lasagna for our supper.....

Yours kindredly,



rildapeel1 said...

Very beautiful and charming. I did enjoy my tour and you did it so very pleasingly. What a awesome home you have. Thanks for sharing it with me/ us. Such a joy to have joy in your home as the days pass by.

Have a blessed weekend! rilda *U*

stitchnchick said...

Your home is so lovely and warm. I felt like I was really there! Thank you for your hospitality. :-)


gabbie427 said...

Oh I love this house and all your decorating as well. It is so gorgeous and I can tell alot about you by seeing it. I love the Hoosier cabinet, and the roosters and chickens (since my kitchen is all in roosters as well!!).

How about your bathroom and the bedrooms? Are they victorian in style and decor as well?

God's Blessings,

Amy Jo

blessedmomof10 said...

Shan ~~

I so enjoyed taking a peek at your parlor! You & husband did a lovely job!! I too have a love for victorian and our home is 1898 victorian farmhouse. :) We have lovingly restored most of it, we have 2 rooms left!!!

I noticed that you have a woodstock soap stone stove!!! Oh this is on my wish list! I would love to hear if you enjoy it or if you have any regrets......I have done the research and this is the stove for me!



Anonymous said...

Your house is lovely! Thank you for the tour. The color of your walls is quite pretty... very inspiring.


mari -

Anonymous said...


Your home is so beautiful.Every nook and cranny has something lovely to look at. I love the chickens in the incubator, such a cute and fun idea.I drool each time you share your home with us.It is a peaceful, beautiful work of art.Thank you for the inspiration and the peaceful feeling I get anytime I stop by your page.Love,Gayle

Anonymous said...

Your room is lovely. It is decorated so warm and lovely and what a great idea for the Christmas village pieces. Thank you for sharing.

Ceekay -

joanna said...

However, I must know where you bought your leather couches, if they are modern. I love them. :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Shan,

Your back parlor at Honey Hill Farm is so very, very beautiful! Thank you so very much for the wonderful tour! You, your dearest and darlings did such beautiful work. You have decorated everything so very pretty and I love the antiques you have displayed. It must have been so exciting to find the old incubator from your dear Aunt Lettie and from the depression era at that! What a treasure! I enjoyed the photos and your writings so much.

Kindredly Yours,