Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day by Day....gentle living

Dearest Readers,

Today was just beautiful as temperatures hovered in the 60's.  I threw open the front and back doors as well as a window upstairs.  Laundry churned quietly while I tidied up our dear old home. 

I took time to look through my cookbooks and finalized my list for Thanksgiving.  I am going to can some delightful Cranberry Apple Relish.  I made this recipe last year (Ball Blue Book) and it was so good that once is not enough!  I plan to make enough relish to last throughout the year.  I also will make some smaller jars (1/2 pints) for my Darling Girl.  We stand alone in our love for anything "cranberry".  Our motto...."That's okay, it just leaves more for us!" is spoken loudly as the men in this house turn their noses up at the tasty red fruit.

We will actually have two Thanksgivings, one with extended family and one just for our little family.  Our Darling Girl will work Thanksgiving in order to have Christmas Day off, so we will have a second dinner on Friday.  I found a darling napkin ring craft that I need to make.  I will post pictures and the link as soon as I finish. 

The latter part of the day was spent folding laundry and cooking dinner.  We have fires in both stoves now, as a cold front is supposed to bring our temperatures down into the 30's by tomorrow. 

Well, Dear Friends thank you for stopping by here at Honey Hill Farm....we are always glad for your company!

Yours kindredly,



MtAiryMom said...

Hi Shan,

It's good to visit your blog again. Your cranberry relish sounds delightful. We've always made cranberry/orange. I must try this new recipe, maybe I will find it more tasty. My son is the one in my home who favors cranberries so much more than the rest of us.

I'm anxious to see your napkin ring craft. I haven't crafted anything for a few weeks now. Because my Christmas decorating is finished I can begin to bring that back into focus.

I do hope you enjoy your dinners away from home and at home intimately with your little family as well.

Have a blessed evening,


MissLila said...

Good Morning,

Your blog is so soothing to the eyes and to the heart,

Thank you for sharing your life with us.

God Bless You,

Miss Lila

blessedmomof10 said...


It's always a delight to stop by for a visit.....

Sounds like it is has warmed up there in Colorado..... wish it was 60 here! We are in the low 40's and 30''s getting nippy..... hoping for some snow by Christmas.