Friday, November 14, 2008

A Flurry of Fun....

Dearest Readers,

It has been a lovely SNOW day here at Honey Hill Farm!  We had a few inches overnight and awoke to a beautiful Colorado morning.  Snow, blue skies and majestic mountains covered in white.  Ahhhh.....

I had to run a few errands while Dearest was at school taking his woodworking class.  Now, don't fret Dear Reader, the roads were just fine...they were actually dry as it warmed up nicely by mid-morning. 

I was back in time to sit down with Dearest and have lunch.  We made Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Wraps and chatted about his lessons.  We have decided to attend the Woodworking Show being held this weekend.  I cannot tell you how many craft shows this dear husband of mine has patiently it's my turn to let him enjoy his passion while I walk by his side.

Our youngest Darling is home for the weekend so that we can participate in a much anticipated event here in our little town.... the annual Civic Auction.  All in all we will have 20 family members, so this year we had to reserve two tables.  Our children have been attending since they were quite young and enjoy supporting this worthwhile charity event.  One year I came home with a Model T go-cart...yes, a go-cart.  Dearest never leaves my side when they start the auction....he is afraid, very afraid!

I am continuing to sew on the scrub tops and also have been working on a Christmas present for our Darling Girl.  Of course, she reads my blog so I will have to post a picture after she has opened her gift on Christmas Day.  I'll give you a is something Victorian....who would have guessed that?

I think, Dear Reader that I am ready to settle in for the evening.  Dearest has stoked the fires and I have Gingerbread Spice Tea calling out to me.  Maybe we will put in a DVD and put our feet up.

Yours kindredly,



Miss Lila, thank you for taking the time to set up a blog just to leave me a comment.  I am humbled and honored to be your friend!

Miss Gloria, the lace on my pantry shelves is crocheted (from JoAnn's) and I glued it on with hot glue.  You can pull it off, pull off the strip of glue, wash the lace and put it back up.  It doesn't ruin the paint (semi-gloss) at all. 


Anonymous said...

Shan - I do not have a blog, but do follow several from Christina's old site. Yours is one. We are in Colorado, too. You mentioned the woodworking show y'all attended. My husband is a carpentry/construction teacher and we love to visit these shows. I'd like to leave our e-mail; could you send yours so that we may connect? Thanks.

LaJuan Marks -

MissLila said...

Shan , What a lovely way to spend the weekend. Just reading your posts makes me feel so calm and uplifted somehow. I may have a blog oneday and hope you'll come for a visit. But I've been so busy reading and finding out all about my new blog friends, I don't have time to build my own. LOL

I really miss Colorado and somehow talking with you makes me feel closer to my beautiful homeplace,

Have a lovely weekend.

God Bless you and your family,

Miss Lila in Atlanta

blessedmomof10 said...


As always I love to come by and stop for a visit at your lovely is so peaceful.

God bless you & keep you,


MissLila said...


You have a way of making me feel as if I'm right there with you. I can even taste the tea.

I love everything and anything Victorian. You have such a beautiful home and I enjoy your telling of your life there.

Thank you for sharing. It helps in my homesickness of Colorado.

God Bless You,

Miss Lila