Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Abundant Treasures......

Dearest Readers,

I have been thinking of my dear Grandparents these last few days, they were happy people, content with what they had and glad to share it with all of those around them......

Grandpa Matt was a coal miner and Grandma Fern was a hairdresser.  They raised 5 daughters during the Great Depression and the Dirty 30's dust bowl here in the southwest.  Grandma had a little beauty shop in the front bedroom of their house and let ladies barter for their waves, perms and haircuts.  Grandpa worked hard at mining and when there was no work at the mine he would work odd jobs. 

I loved to hear their stories and always admired them for their grit, resourcefulness and courage as they struggled during those dark years.  Grandma remembered that she did not even have a nickel for the picture show when it came to town! 

They are gone now, but they still influence all the generations of my family.  We were taught thankfulness, kindness, humor and faith.  There was always room at their home for a meal, a bed or a gentle, loving afternoon spent picking strawberries or making a pie.  Family was their treasure and they were abundantly blessed...there are quite a few of us!

Grandma's greatest love was being at home, tending to everyday things....baking, laundry, gardening and feeding anyone and everyone who came to visit. Grandpa loved to visit and was wonderful to sit next to, leaning in so you could hear his deep voice coming out of his chest.  They loved to play cards and games and let us girls take out every (and I mean every) pot and pan onto the covered porch to play "Little House on the Prairie". Gran actually had to come outside and "borrow" a pan to make supper! They were the picture of love that's for sure.

I hope to pass these lessons on to my children and all the generations to come.  I want them to love the sunshine and the rain.  To look with wonder on a garden that is growing right before their eyes.  To be happy right where they are....because He put them there. To smile at each person, everyday. To LOVE the laughter of a child, any child. To gently live on this earth and treat everyone with kindness and love. 

I think that my Grandparents would like that.....yes, I think they would.

Yours so kindredly,


This absolutely precious photo shows my Gran in her beauty shop "whites" and my Grandpa in his coal miner's "blacks"!


Sher said...

Thank you for sharing about your grandparents! I enjoyed reading their story and welcome the inspiration it gives to all of us about how to live life graciously and with gratitude!



blessedmomof10 said...

What a beautiful post shan about your grandparents...... precious..........

You were blessed to have had them in your life and their legacy of faith and love continues on,


Lady in the Making said...

Shan, how amazing and wonderful that you knew your grandparents. I was born so late in life to my parents that I never knew my grandparents. I feel I really missed out.

Such a sweet post!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Shan,

What a wonderful blessing to have such sweet and incredible Grans! I love the photo of them and enjoyed your beautiful writings! You are doing and living just as they did and what a blessing you are to your dear ones!

Thank you so much for sharing such lovely family memories!!!

I would like to wish you a very Happy Blog Birthday! I am so blessed by you and so very thankful to have "met" you through your lovely blog!

Many blessings,

Kindredly yours,

Paula from Rose Cottage by the Lake