Friday, January 2, 2009

Settling In......

Dearest Readers,

With a new year upon me it is now time to settle in....a time to turn inward and set things back to that gentle pace and rhythm..... 

First, I need to take down and carefully re-pack all of the beloved Christmas decorations.  Of course, a thorough cleaning is needed, as dusting amongst the pine garlands doesn't work very well and there are quite a few dust bunnies to be shepherded to the dust bin.

Second, my pantry, fruit cellar pantry and freezer are in need of cleaning, straightening and most importantly, food.  I must get back to a wholesome meal plan...we have eaten far too much from the groaning board!  So the coming weeks will have me baking, freezing and cooking to my heart's delight.

Finally, I plan to organize all my drawers, cupboards and files. Not all at once, of course, but little by little, until the whole house feels tidy and calm. 

Come January, all three of my boys will be taking classes at college.  Our two Darling Boys at the University and Dearest at our local community college.  This means that I will have quite a bit of "alone" time and I plan to spend it in my craft/sewing room.  It will be a pleasure to finally finish some long neglected projects.

Speaking of is one I would like to share......

Don't throw away those old calendars or cards, or even scraps of wrapping paper you have received throughout the year....make a scrap picture!  Oh, this is so much fun and your littles can share in this delightfully old-fashioned pursuit.  Find yourself a frame, cut out a large picture and then fill in around it with small cut-outs, layering as you go. It is a nice slow project, perfect for setting up in front of a lazy fire on a cold evening.

While I dearly love the holidays, I find it very rewarding to return my dear Honey Hill back to a normal routine.  Gentle Homekeeping suits me best!!

I hope you are finding yourself happily returning to "normal" after this long season of festivities Dear Reader.

Yours kindredly as always,



Lady Laurie said...

I always love the photos you share.

We need to get back to better eathing here as well. We have been blessed with so many Christmas goodies!

Love the project you shared. I love to save old calenders and magazines for future projects.


Lady Laurie

Anonymous said...

Hi Shan...I always love your pictures. That baby swing is adorable. Your Christmas pictures are lovely. It is good to get things back to "normal". Have a wonderful week!

Ceekay @

Anonymous said...

Dearest Shan,

A belated Happy New Year to you!

I love your pretty vignettes!!! You have a gift for decorating and taking photos. The collage you made is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea. I love gentle homekeeping to and it is a nice feeling to get our cottage back to normal after the blessed holidays.

Much love,

Kindredly yours,

Paula from Rose Cottage by the Lake