Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Happenings....

Dearest Readers,

The snow fell hard against the windowpane very early this morning, awakening me, calling me to rise. But when my feet hit the icy cold floor, I retreated back under the layers of warm quilts, snuggled in and stayed in bed just a little longer.

Fires where definitely needed this morning to keep the chill at bay while morning chores were done.  Laundry sorted and started, meat for our dinner set out to thaw and more sewing on my robe in the craft room.

The sun came out just long enough to melt the little bit of snow that covered the sidewalk and further melt the abundance of snow that had fallen last week.  By mid-day the wind was howling and I was so relieved to be able to stay tucked inside my warm home and keep the home fires burning.

Dearest ventured out to referee a soccer game.  I always feel sorry for him when it is cold and windy...burrrrrr.  I was surprised that the field was ready for play, but Dearest assured me that not much stops soccer games!  He will be home soon and I will be sure to offer him something warm to drink and a chair by the fire while I get supper on the table.

Tonight's supper will be simple....Turkey Stir-fry over Rice.  Leftover vegetables, turkey and a simple sauce makes a very easy, very tasty meal when served over brown rice.  I just realized I need to replenish the cookie jar....hmmm....oatmeal cookies or chocolate chip cookies?

I still need to make a list of errands in town  for tomorrow...the post office, bank and a bag dropped off at Goodwill come to mind.  I try to make one trip into town each week and do as many errands as possible.  I buy my groceries on a separate day, as it is just too much to do in one fell swoop.

Well Dear Reader, I still need to whisk the folded laundry upstairs and put it away, so I will close for now.  I hope you have had a lovely day wherever you live!

Yours kindredly,




Handmaiden said...

I could almost feel your peace and warmth as you described your day inside your comfortable home. We haven't recieved any snow out of these last two storms...just a lot of cold wind. It is still touch and go with our apricot blossoms. I am praying that we will get some apricots this year we have been frozen out for the past two years. I rejoice in this spring season. My best to you.

Anonymous said...

I very much enjoy reading your Journal, it's nicely done. I alway leave with a smile and a warm heart.

Thank you