Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simply Lovely Day......

Dearest Readers,

Today has been simply lovely....warm fires, the snow falling ever so lightly and the sounds of family scattered throughout the house.....

I spent the better part of the afternoon decorating for St. Patrick's Day. As there is really nothing in the shops that would do for my Victorian style of decorating, I busied myself with creating my own decorations.  

First, I gathered items that represent the Irish in my family... A picture of my dear Irish Grandmother, a green vase and a set of Irish salt and pepper shakers. Seeing that this was not much to work with, I took out one of my Victorian is covered with lace and looks very old. 

I gathered all of the purple colored flowers that I could find in my "stash" of decorations down in the cellar.

Finally, I went to this delightful website and copied oodles of St. Patrick's Day cards.  I printed them on some parchment cardstock and cut them out.....I then scattered them with abandon amongst the other decorations, stringing some on beautiful burgundy ribbon and hanging it across the buffet.

I sincerely relish "making do" and enjoy the challenge of finding things I already have on hand to capture a season or holiday....Dear Reader, I would love to hear how you decorate your homes during these difficult times.  I am always inspired by others and the clever means by which they enjoy their homes and families.  Do feel free to share.

Well, I will go now as I should attend the fires and make a cup of tea...and have a cookie....yes, just a simply lovely day.

Yours kindredly,



Anonymous said...

I love your purple flowers! I have my sewing/craft room decorated in purple, my favorite color. Your decorations are soooo beautiful!



Handmaiden said...

I love to come to your blog and view your beautiful creations. You have a creative eye. Thanks for sharing.

Nadine said...

Thanks for sharing with us - looks beautiful. I also find that St. Patrick's day is a bit hard to decorate for! I have a tea set and a few vintage post cards, enough to show some Irish spirit I guess!