Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Blessings to You......

Dearest Reader,

Well Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I hope you are feeling the blessings all around you on this fine day......

Honey Hill Farm has been abuzz with all sorts of activity.  Spring cleaning has sprung and no room is safe!  It feels so divine to open up windows and let fresh air circulate, the sweet air making all things feel brand new.

Today, found me in the kitchen baking my favorite bread and making laundry soap. Don't you just adore happy-at-home days! In between, I have been trying to steam clean carpets and upholstery, as keeping the hearth fires this winter has brought in quite a bit of dirt and dust.

Dearest and I sat outside in the yard yesterday at our little round table, cold drink in hand, enjoying the fine weather and contemplating our garden and yard.  There is always much preparation for the upcoming growing season, but the rewards of fresh flowers and sweet, sweet tomatoes and other such produce make the effort worth our while. Our dear neighbor and friend drove by as we were basking in the sunshine and asked us if we thought it was summer!  Oh yes, we said, knowing full well that any day could bring a snowstorm here in the beautiful Rockies.

Tomorrow, I plan to cut out some fleece and make myself a new robe.  The fleece is a soft blue and I will use brown Victorian trims and cameo buttons.  It is a very easy pattern and should not take much time. I will be happy to post the pattern number and take a few photos when I am finished. I actually have other sewing to accomplish but set it aside when, upon looking at my reflection in my current robe, I let out a little gasp and knew it was time to make another!

Hmmm....well, that seems to be the extent of my last few days...gentle, simple and oh so wonderful! 

Yours kindredly,


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Charity said...

I enjoyed listening to your play list and viewing your pictures.