Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Blessing of Comfort....

Dearest Readers,

I returned home this afternoon after spending the night at our Darling Girl's house last night.  She was not feeling well and I went to comfort and take care of her.  I spent the night, listening with "Mother's Ears", making sure I would hear her if she needed me.  No matter how old your babies are...they still need you...isn't that a blessing. She is on the mend...a prayer answered, to be sure.

I am just about ready to curl up in my chair and snuggle in.  A nice fire in the woodstove and a warm blanket....I suspect that I might succumb to a little nap.

Dearest stocked-up on groceries in my absence so dinner is taken care of.  I am blessed to not only be able to give comfort to others, but to find it waiting for me just inside my front door.

I hope you find yourself blessed today.

Yours kindredly,



Vickie said...

It is nice to know that our children still need us even when they are older.

I love the pictures you have on your blog. Very pretty.

Nadine said...

Hope your daughter is feeling well soon!


Lady Laurie said...

Hope your daughter is feeling much better.

I love that blue ewer.

How nice your hubby did the grocery shopping.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Shan,

I am so glad your daughter is feeling better! You are such a good momma to stay with her. I know your presence was such a comfort to her! What a blessing it was for you to come home to a well-stocked pantry from your dear husband!

Thank you for visiting me and for your kind and sweet words, I was so blessed by them! You are such a dear friend and always so gracious to invite me into your lovely Honey Hill Farm! Your home is so beautiful, and I enjoy all of your photos and your sweet words! I, too, see a spirit of love in your home and that love is evident in all you do!

I hope that you will have sunshine and warm weather soon! I know you look forward to working in your beautiful garden!

I wish we live near each other as well! I would love to have you over for a chat! Indeed, it would be delightful to visit with you!

Have a blessed day!

Kindredly yours,


50s Housewife said...

Glad your daughter is feeling better! I love taking care of mine when they are sick (and I'm sure I will as long as I'm able).

Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)