Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eastertide Blessings To You.....

Dearest Reader.

I so hope that you will have a splendid Easter filled with family, faith and a surprise or two tucked inside your Easter Basket....

We will be staying closer to home than planned as our Darling Girl is recuperating from a second bout of illness.  I brought her home to recover last night after a trip to the Urgent Care facility...they are truly wonderful folks and she received excellent care.  She is completely worn-out and weak, so extra doses of TLC are planned for the next while.

As we were expecting to eat elsewhere for our Easter supper, I made a quick dash to the local market this morning and bought a few essentials. I will make a ham, cheddar mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, a relish tray and strawberry pie with whipped cream.

I will make a breakfast casserole of some sort in the morning....I just need to decide, as I have quite a few breakfast recipes in my binder.  I might also make these little darlings......

Aren't they cute?  I saw this last year in a magazine and had to make them (the photo is from last Easter).  Just use three biscuits, cutting one in half for the ears and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.

Well Dear Reader, I will leave you and wish you all the blessings of this beautiful Eastertide.

Yours kindredly,




Nadine said...

Those biscuit bunnies look so yummy - I may have to make some of them up! I hope & pray that your daughter is feeling well soon!

Have a wonderful Easter!


Anonymous said...

I am planning on shaping our bread tomorrow into a big bunny as well. My littles love bunnies!

Do you have my phone #? I'd love to get together soon. My Sweetheart is in Golden as I type this!


stitchnchick said...

Wishing you a blessed Easter, my friend. I hope you daughter is on the mend soon. So sorry to hear that she is under the weather. The bunnies are darling! I'm sure that my youngest would LOVE them!


Anonymous said...

Have as wonderful Easter also!

ceekay -

Brenda@Coffeeteabooksandme said...

Sickness doesn't give away for Holidays, does it?

I had to stay home from church to make Easter dinner so we could eat as soon as my hubby arrived home. Otherwise my son couldn't eat dinner with us since he has so much studying to catch up on due to his illness and surgery.

God is good, anyway. :)

Handmaiden said...

I an so sorry that your daughter is ill at this time. I will pray for her speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing the bunny rolls. I want to try them.

Rejoicing in the LORD,


sharondubars said...

Love the Easter bunny biscuits and know my kids will love them, too. I really enjoyed your take great pic's. :)

canadaroxieg9 said...

I really enjoyed reading through your postings. Lovely blog. I love your pictures too. Roxanne

Vickie said...

Sorry your daughter is not feeling well. Hope she is better soon.

The bunny biscuits looks so cute. I'll have to make them, even if Easter is already passed.