Saturday, April 25, 2009

From the Sewing Basket...

Dearest Readers,

Here is a picture of my "Victorian-inspired" robe.  I actually used a coat pattern and adapted it to the fleece that I already had on hand. Here is the pattern....

You can make a long or short, lined coat/robe, I opted not to line the robe since fleece is so nice all by itself.  I used inexpensive trims so that I could machine wash the robe and keep the cost within reason.  Instead of the braided trim suggested, I used a decorative stitch with machine embroidery thread.  It was much less costly and was quite fun. This pattern is generously sized, as it is actually designed to be worn over clothing, so I did adjust the pattern accordingly. This pattern only went down to a 14 and I really needed a 12 so that it would fit better in the shoulders, so I will buy one in the smaller sizes the next time they have the $1.00 sale on patterns. I will certainly make this robe again in the future as it affords a nice bit of room for creativity.  Dearest says I look quite royal when I wear it, LOL!

Now I am working on a few summer tops out of these pretty breezy fabrics....

After looking at several top patterns online, I went over to and looked at the critiques regarding each one.  This pattern received the highest marks out of the few I was considering and I went ahead and picked it up when JoAnn's was having their $1.00 pattern sale. 

Several of the ladies mentioned that the shirred bodice was a little low, but was easily remedied with a few additional inches added.  I am sure I will have to adjust the length too, as I am very short in my torso.  I think it will be a delight to make and I am quite desperate for summer clothes.  (Truthfully, I really am not enamored by anything in the stores and I never end up buying anything.)

If you haven't heard of, you should pay them a visit.  I thought it was genuinely helpful, as you get a first hand account by seamstresses of all levels about the pitfalls and loveliness of a pattern.  I would have chosen a different pattern entirely for my summer tops, but after reading the review about the pattern, and the almost universal disappointment in fit, I was glad that I had not made that certainly saved me time, money and frustration.

I do apologize for the dark photos, but today is quite drizzily and cloudy and would not offer even a ray of sunshine for a quick photograph! How terribly rude....don't you think?

I think I shall go in and sit with Dearest by the fire, before I start our supper of Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup.  The perfect meal for a quiet, dewdrop strewn Saturday

I hope you are having a wonderful, simple day Dear Friends.

Yours kindredly,



borderling said...

I bought the exact same pattern at JoAnn's when they were having their $1 pattern sale! How cool. You'll have to post when you get one done.


Handmaiden said...

Your robe is beautiful. I like your choice for your summer tops. It is actually a pattern that I would choose for myself. Please post photos when you have finished sewing. The flowers are planted. Thank you. Anne

ushappyokies said...

Your robe is so nice. I LOVE it.

blessedmomof10 said...


The robe is lovely! I love the blouse style too.. very fresh and springy. I only wish I knew how to sew!! Oh how I wish as I have 5 girls! Oh well maybe one day!

God bless,


Lady Laurie said...

Dear Shan,

Your robe is just lovely ~ you are a very talented seamstress ! The fabric for the blouses is so nice, I love the pattern, has sort of a Jane Austen appeal to it ~

Have a wonderful Sunday !


Lady Laurie

Nadine said...

What a beautiful, but cozy looking robe! You are quite a talented seamstress!

Anonymous said...

I do hope your daughter is recovered.