Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Providing from Your Pantry.....Part 2

Dearest Readers,

I hope that you have had time to complete your "homework".  If not, do not fret, just catch up when you have the time.

In order to complete the next step, please take out any cookbooks, recipe boxes or binders where you store the recipes for the 31 Dinnertime Meals that you have selected.

I keep my recipes in a Recipe Binder that is divided into categories

Each recipe is in a protective sheet cover and the "dividers" are just cardstock with a pretty picture cut out of magazines that have been labeled with stick-on tabs.

Okay, now I want you to write down categories such as: Meat, Dairy, Grains & Pastas, etc.  Under each category begin listing the ingredients in your recipes....don't indicate amounts, just the item, i.e. cheese, pickles, pork chops, etc.  Don't list anything twice. You can do this with pencil and paper or create a document on your computer. 

Here is what my list looks like.....

I put a little _____space beside each listing.  I created mine in Word and just used the layout for 3 columns. 

When you have completed listing ingredients for the Dinnertime Meals, you will want to do the same thing for items you serve with your Dinner....your Breads/Rolls and your families favorite Veggies & Fruit (canned or frozen or fresh). 

Now to make sure you shop either at the Market or from your Pantry for everything you will need to feed your family you will want to also list Lunch items, Breakfast items, Snack items, Drink items and Dessert items, etc. that you serve in a typical month.  For instance, I make cookies each week so I will look at my favorite cookie recipes and make sure the ingredients for each are represented on this list.  Don't feel overwhelmed just do each section one at a time. This will go pretty fast, as so many things we make use the same ingredients!

After you have added all the food items, you will want to add Paper products, Cleaning supplies, Pet food, etc.  Keep making categories that make sense to you and the way you shop.

Finally, add a section for MISC and a few blank lines.  You will use these for those once in awhile items that you purchase/stock for special holidays, picnics, potlucks, etc.

Dear Reader, you look exhausted!  Please sit down and have a cup of've earned it.

I will be back on Friday and we will move forward to the next step.

 I remain kindredly yours,



Brenda@Coffeeteabooksandme said...

I'm going to link back to this next week when I do my next Pantry Talk post.

One list I was just thinking of after the Pandemic talk is a list I first heard about in "How to Prosper in the Coming Bad Years" written back in the 70s (I think that's the title).

He suggested keeping a list of those items you would want to buy in case of an emergency (for him it was the Cuban Missile Crisis).

He advocates keeping a deep pantry (as he is a Mormon) but this list is those items you want to purchase quickly when it would appear you may not be able to get out of the house for awhile.

It is to be kept somewhere easy to find. I was thinking of this recently because it's the kind of thing one would do if there is a true pandemic (and we don't know this is that kind of crisis, yet).

Lovely blog, I always enjoy coming here.

kim2661 said...

Hi Shan,

I have also been a wife and mother for over 25 years, and I also use a binder/lists very similar to yours - but mine aren't nearly as pretty! You've inspired me to do a little spring cleaning and organizing in my binder. I will check back on Friday.



Nadine said...

Hi Shan,

What a pretty binder. I have my personal/household binder that I keep my weekly to do list & calendar in and I do have a section that I made for menus and such, but sadly have not put anything in it yet...guess I better get to my homework! :)

Lady Laurie said...

Oh dea, I have lots of homework to catch up on ~ what a wonderful idea ! I love your recipe keeping book. I have one, but not nearly as pretty. I will be back on Friday for the next step !


Lady Laurie