Friday, April 17, 2009


Dearest Readers,

We are under a Winter Storm Warning here in the foothills of the Rockies, the National Weather Service has predicted quite a bit of snow for our area.  Imagine our delight to be hearing the rumble of thunder as we watch it snow!  We have had this happen before of course, but it is none the less enjoyable.  It is a very wet, heavy storm and we are keeping an eye on our trees, especially our fruit trees. 

Dearest, Darling Boy and I, just finished a rather late lunch of homemade Macaroni & Cheese with sliced Ham.  We have enjoyed our Easter Ham and the last bit has been sliced and divided into bags for the freezer.  The ham-hock is waiting its turn to be added to a tasty pot of Ham and Beans, just as soon as my beans have finished soaking.  (If we loose power from the storm it is best to have something that can simmer atop of one of our woodburning stoves...hence, a lovely pot of soup!)

Our youngest Darling Boy is staying on campus this weekend as he has quite a bit of work to do as the end of the term is near.  If the storm is as heavy as predicted then it is wiser to have him stay where he is, instead of having to drive on slick, icy roads.

We are praying that our Darling Girl continues to make a speedy recovery from her bout with back to back illnesses.  She stayed with us until yesterday, letting me take extra measures of care in aiding her recuperation. I helped her settle back in at her little place, and she was going to try and work at least a little while today. If she comes to mind would you say a little prayer for her?  Thank you.

I have a wee bit of mending to do, laundry to stash away into drawers and the last bit of scrubbing of the upstairs bathroom, then I am going to gather up my embroidery and work on my tea towels next to the fire....

I dearly hope you have a pleasant afternoon and evening and I will chat with you very soon.

Yours kindredly,


P.S. The pictures above are of a few of my favorite blue & white dishes....simple, but lovely.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blue and white! It's storming here, too. So much for progress in the garden...

gilsanla said...

I love your dishes and I love the butterflies on your page. I have to say I don't think I've ever seen snow and thunder at the same time. Growing up in Pennsylvania and now living in Southern California I miss thunderstorms - don't really miss snow though. Since we get most of our rain in the winter/spring we don't usually get thunderstorms. I remember growing up and gathering on the front porch with our next door neighbors and playing board games during thunderstorms. As long as the wind didn't blow we were dry and it was fun.

Will say a pray for your daughter.


Lady Laurie said...

Dear Shan,

Your blog is always such a delight.

It must have been awesome to hear thunder while watching the snow fall !

Keeping your daughter in my prayers.

Your blue and white china is so charming.