Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blue & White Dishes....

Dearest Readers,

I dearly love blue and white dishes!  I have rescued many a dish from a life of loneliness as it sat neglected because of a chip or crack...they all are beautifully imperfect to me!

One of my favorite pastimes is to rearrange my dear dishes and create charming vignettes....  Oh yes, and shopping here in my own home makes this a very affordable pleasure!

I know I have succeeded in creating a whole new atmosphere in a room when Dearest enters and says: "Have we moved?"

Right now, here at Honey Hill Farm, I have changed out my heavy drapes and portieres for lace and greenery.  It is so refreshing to have a lighter feel to the house for this new season. 

It will be wonderful to put back all the velvet and heavy damask when fall returns and I want to make things cozy!

Well Dear Readers, I must get ready to go out to the Market....we are woefully low on milk and a myriad of other sundries.  I may have to stop by the thrift store on my never know when a blue & white dish will need to be rescued!  It is truly a mission of mercy!

Yours kindredly,


P.S.  If you have any lovely pictures of blue & white dishes on your blog, please leave a link in the comments of this post....I would love to pay a house call!


blessedmomof10 said...

Oh how lovely.... so fresh.

God bless,


Nadine said...

Hello Shan,

Well I don't have any pictures on my blog (not yet at least) of the few blue & white dishes I have. I have just a couple that I have picked-up here and there at either garage sales or thrift stores. They are so cheerful! Your house is looking very beautiful for the coming seasons!

Take Care!


PS - I am having a giveaway on my blog starting tomorrow, I would love to have you come by and enter!

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Shan,

Your dishes are so lovely ! My Mom loved blue and white dishes as well, and now I have a few of her precious Blue Willow cups and saucers. I am slowly adding to this collection, and it is quickly becoming a favorite. It reminds me of something Jane Austen may have used for tea.

Have a blessed weekend!

gabbie427 said...

Dear Shan,

I love the dishes you have on display in your home. They are so beautiful!!! I too love blue and white dishes. I have a collection of Blue Willow, but after seeing your collection, I might have to mix mine up a bit with other blue and whites. Simply lovely.

Thank you for sharing.

God's Blessings,

Amy Jo