Thursday, May 7, 2009

Keeping Two Houses......

Dearest Readers,

It has begun.....the keeping of two houses....our homes and our gardens.  This delightful season of planting, weeding and watering is upon us here at Honey Hill Farm. I know that some of you who read this blog have been gardening for several weeks now, but here in the foothills we wait until Mother's Day before we plant.

Of course, we still must tend to our homes and our precious families. So we find time to bake bread, hang laundry and wash dishes in between trips to the garden and the compost pile!  It keeps us busy as bees....but we are happy bees here on our little homestead.

I always ask for annual bedding plants for Mother's Day as I like to use annuals in my hanging baskets and pots for my front porch and use perennials (that I start myself) everywhere else. So the next few days will be spent cutting back , dividing and transplanting perennials and potting and arranging my annuals.  I so enjoy flowers, that I can spend an entire day just humming along with my spade and shovel in hand.

Tomorrow we will clean out the garden beds and begin to plant our vegetables and herbs.  Dearest built a cold frame and we are using it to start some seeds....we got a late start so we might not get too much use out of it before fall. We have never used a cold frame so we expect quite a bit of trial and error.

So here we are, gently tending to both our houses.....aren't we blessed!  How wonderful to have the pleasure of a beautiful day...sunshine through lace curtains and the sound of the wind blowing gently through the trees. 

It isn't always easy to balance the inside and the outside needs of the home and garden, but I find if I keep a gentle attitude and let myself rest a little between each task, I have a happy and simple day.  Not everything will be accomplished, but I can rest each night knowing that I did all that I could and still took time to smile and enjoy those around me.

I will post pictures of our garden and yard as soon as things get a little further along....

Yours so very kindredly,



Nadine said...

Here in the Northwest, we have had a slow start to gardening too! I actually had a fire going in the woodstove this morning! It is suppose to be sunny & warmer this weekend, so I will be heading out to the garden to plant and weed!

Looking forward to seeing photos of your garden!


Handmaiden said...

What a beautiful thought. As I went about my inside and outside chores today I thought about what you wrote and I found it to be true. I do tend my outside home with the same enthuiasm and care that I do inside. It was fun going in and out of my two homes today. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shan,

Thank you for your visit. I have enjoyed your pantry post.



LillyandGish said...

Oh dear! That is the most beautiful China pattern I think I have ever seen! Does it have a name/maker? I love your pantry post too. Wonderful :-)