Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Providing from Your Pantry.....Part 5

Dearest Readers,

I thought that I would share a little bit about storage in this last post of the series......

Nothing is more defeating to a Homekeeper than to have a poor strategy for storing her groceries and essentials once she arrives back home.  If the shelves, cupboards, fridge and freezer are a jumble of messiness then all the hard work of researching recipes, inventory and shopping with thrift are an exercise in frustration.

Here at Honey Hill Farm, I have several places to store items.  Each item has a proper place and is stored in the same space each time.

Here is my walk-in pantry off of the kitchen.....

This lovely little area holds all my baking needs, pastas, lentils, home canned goods, bread box, crackers, honey & my tea basket. As each item is tucked away it is carefully recorded on my Pantry/Freezer Masterlist.

The fridge has a lower pull-out freezer compartment (with ice maker) and I store my butter, orange juice (concentrate), my chocolate chips, nuts and 1 loaf of extra bread.

I have designated spaces inside the fridge and try to put items in the same place each time....although sometimes I will have to rearrange things if I am hosting a large gathering and have an abundance of groceries.

Items in cans and bottles like tuna, ketchup, peanut butter and the like are kept in the fruit cellar on wooden shelves.  I keep the oldest towards the front and always "face" the cans so I can see at a moments notice what I am in need of from the market.

I have a deep freeze and use three Rubbermaid baskets set on the bottom.  In each of those I have large (10 gallon) Ziploc bags that are labeled: beef, chicken, pork & turkey.  Inside these I put my smaller bags of corresponding meat.  This was a tip (along with many, many others that I found on Brenda's blog: Coffee, Tea, Books and Me. Her blog has numerous links to help you with stocking your pantry, please pay her a visit.

The freezer came with small sliding baskets that sit above the Rubbermaid baskets.  I keep my shredded cheese (already divided into small bags) , frozen veggies , ice cream and frozen desserts, along with extra bread in them.  It keeps the smaller items from ending up on the bottom of the deep freeze.

I keep a pair of winter gloves with those little "grips" on them next to the freezer...

On the other end of the fruit cellar I have some very large shelves where I keep all my extra T.P., dish soap, soap making supplies, etc. I have all of my canning equipment and cake decorating equipment there too.  It is all tucked away behind a pretty curtain hung on a tension rod. 

I keep a small supply of T.P., soap, toothpaste and such in both of our bathrooms and just replenish when needed as our bathrooms don't have much storage.

I find that if I keep everything neat and organized it helps the house run smoothly.  It will take time if you are just getting yourself organized, but it will be well worth the effort.  You will find yourself opening cupboards and doors just to gaze at the lovely rows of neatly stacked groceries....amazed at the Provision and proud of your Stewardship.

I so hope that I have been able to help you in some small way Dear Reader.  I just love Homekeeping and find that it is forever on my heart to share what works for me here at Honey Hill Farm.  I am always learning myself and it is a joy to find better and easier and more beautiful ways to keep my home.  I never realized that my true delight in tending my home and family could be considered a ministry.....but I do believe that helping others to find their Homekeeping spirit is a worthwhile endeavor. 

Well now, it is getting late and my robe and slippers are calling out to I will say goodnight Dear Reader.

Yours so truly,



Nadine said...

Dear Shan,

You did a wonderful job with your Pantry Series. A true blessing to all of us homekeepers! I love your kitchen pantry, how pretty with all the lace! Thank you for sharing your ideas and wisdom with us!


Oakman said...

What a great series. I have enjoyed it. I love your pantry.


Anonymous said...

I've just found your blog and know I'm going to enjoy reading it! And everything is so pretty! As well as practical of course. I'm have some large zip-lock bags; I'm going to reorganise my freezer ASAP.

CarrieAnn7 said...


Thank you for this very consise and comprehensive "course" on budgeting our pantry better. Many of your tips I have already done (the master shopping list), others are a welcome addition (31 day map of meals) to fine-tune what works so well.

Blessings; Carrie