Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Puppy Hospital....

Dearest Readers,

Oh Dear!  Yesterday our sweet, sweet dog...Shiloh Marie, was injured in an accident. She was run over right here on our road and sustained pretty serious injuries, so we had to take her to the 24 hour Veterinary Hospital.  You can bet I had to reach for a tissue as we left our Dear Dog in their capable hands to perform surgery.

She is home now and we have her tucked safely inside our Mud Room/Puppy Hospital.  It is located right off of our back parlour so we can keep a very close eye on her.  (When we designed our Mud Room we kept in mind all the times we have needed a safe and easy-to-clean room for any injured critter that might need our assistance...I am so grateful for this room today.)

We were sent home with a plethora of pills and instructions to help her on the road to recovery.  I stopped at the store and picked-up a few supplies including a very large chew bone....hoping she will lick it instead of her wounds.  She did eat and drink and use the "facilities", which is encouraging, she even let us put an ice pack on her very swollen leg.  Right now, she is just dozing off and on...snoring and kind of whimpering.....sigh.

She is such a love...all 87 pounds of her. She is a "mutt", but to us she is a noble as any purebred dog.  What a faithful companion she has been these 9 years, keeping watch and making sure all is well here on our farm.

We love her so.

Yours tenderly and kindredly,




Nadine said...

Oh Shan,

I am so sorry to hear about Shiloh! We have several animals here at our home, and they are all considered part of the family. Wishing her a quick recovery!

Take Care!



gilsanla said...

Here's too a speedy recovery for Shiloh. It's hard to see them sick :) Will keep you all in my prayers

Lady Laurie said...

Oh, I am glad to hear that Shiloh is doing ok !

Our animals are part of our family as well.


Anonymous said...

I will say some prayers that your sweet Shiloh heals quickly and is good as new soon! Ree

Anonymous said...

Hi Shan,

I pray your baby is feeling better soon. I hate when Miss Candi is sick.



tjenke said...

I hope for a full recovery. An injury of a pet can be do devistating. We will keep you in our prayers.