Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gentle Days....

Dearest Readers,

The days have passed gently here at Honey Hill Farm....  Laundry blowing in the breeze, the garden blooming and budding, farm chores, lovely meals in the stillness of the evening, laughter and love tying heartstrings.

Dearest and I have been puttering around the homestead completing tasks that we listed early in the spring.  Today we talked about firewood and how much we will need for the winter....laugh if you will, but we learned long ago the necessity of planning ahead.

I have inspected jars and lids along with the seals needed for the upcoming canning season and wait with anticipation knowing lovely sparkling jars will be lined up in my pantry very soon.

Reading, handwork and sewing round out my days that are full to overflowing. It is easy to lose oneself sitting out on the porch in the cool breeze just stitching away!

After much thought and prayer our boys are going to move into an apartment close to campus in early August.  The road that takes them from our house to college is just too dangerous to drive each day, especially come winter. We have been so busy gathering up the bits and bobs they will need to furnish their cozy new place.

So that is all the news from my little corner of the world. I hope all of you, no matter where you are can find the blessings of each day...such a gift.

Yours kindredly,


P.S. I have been wondering if anyone would be interested in a weekly post on dressing femininely?  I would post a picture of myself (gasp) in a modest, feminine that too boring? I have always liked to read blogs where they have ideas for lovely, feminine dress and thought maybe you would like that too...please let me know.



Anonymous said...

I think the feminine dress posting idea is a fantastic one. I hope to see a post soon.

Mrs. Sensibility

Miss Mia said...

Dear Ms. Shan,

I really enjoy your blog, and I think the idea for feminine dress sounds wonderful!

Thanks for sharing about your day,


Kimberly said...

I love the idea of the dressing posts. Inspiration is good!

(I do love how Mia dresses, by the way.)

I got your email and will reply back later today.

Bonnie at said...


I am not sure how I found my way here exactly, but I have seen you comment over at Kimberly's-Cup, and I felt that I "knew" you a bit.

I would love to see the dressing posts! I am naturally a bit nosy, and I think thats why I like blogs, I like to see into other peoples day, what they do, wear, eat, etc.

I don't know if you are familiar with this site but has been doing posts on feminine dressing for the the last 2 weeks, I thought that might interest you, so I wanted to pass it on.



Nadine said...

Hello Dear Shan!

We too have been keeping busy! I was just telling my husband the other day that we ought to think about getting our woodshed filled-up again! I also cleaned out the hall pantry to make room for all the canning that will be coming up soon!

I too would love to see your post on dressing. I just made myself a skirt for the first time the other turned out okay - a little too full and long, so I may have to adjust the next one!

Have a blessed day my friend and thank you for your visits to my blog!



Nadine's Nook

Vicki said...

Oh, please do! I am going to be a full time at home wife soon, and I am trying to get it all together!

That Girl

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're thinking of posting about modest dress. I would love to read them. There's nothing more feminine than long flowing skirts and dresses.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shan,

I would love to see you post on this topic. I too dress like a lady everyday.



Lady Laurie said...

I would love to see you post on the subject of feminine dressing ~ I try to make an effort to dress prettily. It makes me feel better as I go about my day.

Many Blessings,

Lady Laurie