Friday, August 7, 2009

The Hottentots of Honey Hill Farm.......

Dearest Readers,

I wish to take a few moments today to introduce you to our splendid new tenants the Hottentots.  They moved here shortly after Christmastide and have settled in quite nicely....

The have a lovely spot just inside the front parlour....

Just next to the pump organ...

Oh, do come a little closer....

How delightful! There is Mrs. Hottentot as we speak...shall we pop over and say Hello?

Here she is....rocking her littlest little, Clementine.  She and Mr. Hottentot are the proud parents of 18 littles so she is quite a busy lady. We have lovely exchanges about laundry (she is an expert!) and cooking for a crowd, not to mention homekeeping tips. 

Now that she is settled, we have begun to coordinate our plans for the decoration of our houses. She has the most delightful ideas for fall decor...I can't wait to see just what she comes up with!

I suppose, Dear Readers, that we should bid her adieu as she has to start preparing small task I assure you.

Thank you for making our newest tenants feel welcome!

Yours kindredly,


P.S.  The precious door was a gift from Dearest this Christmastide (Victorian Trading).  The wee mice were sculpted by yours truly with Sculpey and the darling little rug was a thrift store find.



Nadine said...

Dear Shan,

How adorable - I love it! You are very talented - she is so cute! I also like the little door. What an unexpected little treasure to look down and see that!

Wishing you a lovely day!



HLPeyton said...

How sweet! Love it!