Monday, September 14, 2009

The Art of Dressing Like a Lady.....

Dearest Readers,

I have been remiss in posting about Dressing Like a Lady, so today I thought I would once again visit this subject.

I had Dearest snap a few photos of yours truly going about my day in a simple, but feminine I am upstairs in the Master Bathroom.

As the weather is once again in the 80's I opted for a top that I made this summer out of cotton, choosing a skirt that is a lovely tiered peasant-style I bought at Ross for a whopping $8.00!  The ensemble is light and loose fitting, making it easy to complete my housekeeping in style and comfort...not to mention, allowing me to feel feminine and ladylike...

Nothing could be more simple than to slip on a charming outfit and breeze through the day in dainty (yet completely sturdy) fashion.

How are you finding the challenge of Dressing Like a Lady? I do hope you will drop me a note and share your adventure. 

Yours so kindredly,



Anonymous said...

I wear alot of jumpers and tees and just love wearing dresses, especially with the summer that we have here...

I am thinking of a few things that I could do to look more feminine...

Thank you for sharing this challenge and giving me pause to think about it more!

Wishing you sweet and simple joys! Ü

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add my name



Anonymous said...

Forgot to add my name



Nadine said...

You look so pretty Shan! Simple, yet elegant. It is amazing how much more lady-like one feels when she puts on a dress or skirt.



Nadine's Nook

kim2661 said...

Hello Shan,

I'm a mostly skirt wearer too - except for heavy cleaning and gardening tasks, or the occasional camping or hiking trip.

It's lovely to see other women wearing skirts or dresses around the home. Thank you for sharing.

Peace and blessings,

Kim said...

Dear Ms. Shan,

I too love to wear dresses or skirts while at makes homemaking so much more delightful!

Miss Mia

simpleoldgurl said...

Thank you for coming to visit my little "home" and you are so very welcome!

I like the idea of learning to dress more as a lady...for I have hidden in jeans and tess for years...I do love them for their conveience, but, as I grwo older and more fully in Him, it is becoming ever clearer that there are many things in my life that He is changing, and how I dress is becoming one of them!

So, I join you more fully in this endeavor, and pray that you are blessed in all that you say and do!

God's blessings,

Bev at Furbelow