Friday, September 25, 2009

Tucking In and Taking Tea.....

Dearest Readers,

It is a very Autumn day here at Honey Hill Farm....perfect for tucking inside and taking tea...bliss.  I am perfectly suited for the fall as I love all things cozy and warm.  Right now we have both woodstoves glowing, the kettle is whistling and a lovely bit of sunshine is peeking into my lace-covered windows.

Dearest and I are celebrating our 27th Wedding Anniversary today.  Our kind-hearted children gave us a gift card to a nice restaurant in town and we will go out for supper.  It will be fun to sit and reminisce about our lives together these past years.

I have been enjoying myself downstairs in my new craft/sewing room, organizing and refining it until I have what suits me best. I am finding that I need to work in there a little while and then move things around until the different workspaces flow seamlessly.  I promise to post pictures as soon as I have everything "just so".

On Wednesday we went to our Darling Girl's adorable little nest and helped her hang up all her lovelies.  She had a very heavy tapestry and a few other hard-to-hang items that needed her Dad's helping hand (and tools). She made us a delicious lunch of Stuffed Pasta (I will ask her for the recipe) and we just looked around and marvelled at all the wonderful touches she brings to each room.  It is so charming and homey...a true delight for the senses. 

Our Darling Boys are enjoying themselves as they experience living the bachelor/student life. Our oldest is "The Cook" and the youngest is the "Cleaner".  They have some very funny stories to share each week when we gather together as a family on Sunday.  (Oh yes, and laundry is "shared" too!)

Hmmmm, what else?  Potted plants hastily brought inside to keep them from frostbite....every windowsill is inhabited, not to mention the tops of side tables.  Summer furniture still in its place as we were caught quite off-guard with this early round of rain, snow and cold. The woodbox, now full, stands ready and waiting to assist us in keeping toasty warm. 

So that is all the news from here on our little foothills homestead...I hope you are enjoying this bountiful Autumn and all its delights.

Yours so kindredly,


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Anonymous said...

Happy 27th Anniversary!

I do hope that you enjoy your most special day and how sweet of your darling children to give such a wonderful gift!

I can't imagine cold weather right because we are roasting with temps in the upper 80's and we are on the coast!

Wishing you a sweet autumn evening and weekend full of sweet and simple joys! ♥


Nadine said...

Hello Shan,

I too enjoy the weather in fall, where you get to sit inside in front of the woodstove and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

We have not yet fired-up our woodstove, as summer is stilling holding on up here in Washington!

My daughter picked pumpkins from the garden today, that helps it feel more like fall!

Wishing you and your hubby a very Happy Anniversary - may God continue to bless you both!



Nikki said...

Happy anniversary! I love your blog. I'm going to add you to my friends list. Blessings! ~ Nikki said...

Happy Anniversary. What a wonderful time of year to have been married.

Our wood stoves are not on yet either. We have been enjoying the most beautiful weather here in Ontario. We did however have a few nights of frost and had to remove all the tomatoes from the garden.

Right now we are in the process of picking apples and pears. Much to can.

Walks among the coloured trees is such a blessing.

Moving around of favourite articles in the house is completed in time for me to enjoy nesting in our fall splendor.