Friday, November 13, 2009

Victorian Details...

Dearest Readers,

One of the most delightful consequences of decorating in the Victorian style would have to be the abundance of detail allowed in every corner of every room.

Once you have the "bones" in place...heavy velvet curtains, lace panels, a pretty floral rug and a few lovely pieces of antique or not-so-antique furniture it is time to turn your attention to the Victorian details of your room....this is where the fun begins.

Familiarize yourself by looking at old photos, art prints and watching wonderful Victorian inspired movies.  One of my favorite movies would have to be "Meet Me In St. Louis" starring Judy Garland.  This movie is set in a beautiful Victorian home and has inspired me in many of my decorating endeavors.  One scene in particular shows a very large fish bowl on a very large ornate stand with a particularly lovely goldfish swimming happily about. Now, you know that I just had to re-create this lovely detail for my own little Victorian home.

Lest you think I would just run out and purchase a live goldfish...let me warn you...I am a fish murderer....yes, a fish murderer from way back in my childhood.  Here is an entry from my Baby Book:

"We bought Shan a goldfish in May of '63. They went to sleep because of Shan's hand in the fish bowl."

Further, I remember coming home from Vacation Bible School with a dear little fish in a pink bowl...who knew that a fish wouldn't care for 7-Up...she looked very tired of drinking water to me.

So there it is...the brutal truth...

What is a Victorian lady to do? Well don't you know that I spotted a perfectly beautiful goldfish ornament at Hobby Lobby.  And as Providence would have it, all the glass vases and bowls were on sale. All I needed were a few glass marbles, a little trim and a lovely old candy dish that was tucked in the china cupboard. 

And Voila!  Meet "Goldie", a darling little friend who now calls Honey Hill home. 

One less goldfish in more Victorian detail added to make our home cozy.

Yours so kindredly,



Nadine said...

I love your "fish" and the cute story that was behind it!



countrylivin said...

Your home is beautiful!!!!!!!!

Lady in the Making said...

Dearest Shan! I have had a very trying year. I have not visited your beautiful blog as often as I'd like.

I wanted you to know that I have went out and got 'Meet Me In St. Louis' and will be watching it tomorrow. It is a favorite Christmas musical but I will also be taking notes for my own Victorian home.

Happiest of Days to you!