Saturday, December 5, 2009

Colorful Embroidery....a lovely gift!

 Dearest Readers,

If you are looking for a quick and thoughtful last minute gift to give this Christmastide, look no further than your sewing basket.  In only one evening, you can create a lovely embroidered tea towel, pillowcase, eyeglass case, etc. (the list is endless) to place beneath the Christmas tree.

I love to color my embroidery so that it has an even more vintage look.  If you have never tried this simple technique, just follow the directions below....I warn you, this will become your favorite creative pursuit!

Gather the item to be embroidered, making sure that it has been washed and pressed.

Either use and iron-on transfer or draw your own design with a transfer pencil.

Place a couple of folded tea towels (or similar fabric) underneath your item so that you will have a soft surface to color on.  Fuzzy towels will make your coloring look uneven.

Using good old Crayola Crayons (I don't know if other brands work as well) begin to color in you design...don't use too much pressure at first until you get a "feel" for the depth of color that you desire.  I color from the edge of the design toward the middle, using less and less color as I go.

When you are finished with the coloring, remove the extra towels and put your tea towel (or other project) between two sheets of white copy paper and iron on medium high heat for just a few minutes.  Now the color will be permanent.

Take out your embroidery thread and hoop and embroider on the transfer lines.

Once done, press, fold and wrap....a lovely remembrance of the season awaits your loved one on  Christmas morn.

Yours so kindredly,


P.S. I am almost finished with my Christmas decorating and will post soon!


kathi said...

I LOVE how vintage the tea towels look. What a great idea. You have ignited my creative flame. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

smmagers said...

I love what you have made. Such a good gift idea. I love the home made gifts , they come from the heart.

Thanks for showing us how to make them.

Blessing's Mj

Anonymous said...

and use it to make tons of gifts throughout the year!

It makes a lovely gift *Ü*

I have yet to try the coloring method~ I have been wanting to and you have given me a gentle nudge!

Wishing you a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow !


Nadine said...

What a wonderful idea, thank you for sharing with us! This past year I have discovered embroidery - and I really enjoy it! I can't wait to give this a try!

Looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations!



Nadine's Nook said...

Dear Shad

Once again we think alike. I am on tea towel number 4 for one of my daughters doing the Sun Bonnet girls days of the week. I am on Thursday . I love your colouring technique. I live where Crayola crayons are made but have never seen this technique done before. It is wonderful and I am thrilled you have shared it. I got my transfers free from

I enjoy your busy hands.


browns71280 said...

Thank you for the great idea. I do some embroidery but have not done this before. It is a good thing I saw this as I am making my list for next year ( yes I am) and this will go good with the vintage theme that I am doing.