Friday, January 29, 2010

Birthday Thriftyness........



Dearest Readers,

This post is in honor of our Darling Girl who turns 24 this very day!

It is so easy to think that one must spend a fortune to offer a special birthday present to the honored recipient...this is simply not true Dear Reader. With a little forethought and a imagination, along with a few precious hours at the charity shops, you can give thoughtful gifts that are worth more than mere dollars and cents.

One of the gifts we are giving our Darling Girl is her very own Mercantile....out of nothing but saved tin cans, thrifted bottles and a little paper and ink! Here is a peek....

These vintage looking tins and bottles will be a charming addition to the Mercantile vignette our Darling Girl is creating above her kitchen cabinets.

I just used cream colored legal-sized paper to print out labels from my Print Master Gold vol. 18 (it was very inexpensive and includes wonderful "antique" labels in the clip-art collection) then cut label to fit the can. I then turned the cans upside down and just used invisible tape on the backs to secure the paper. 

For the thrifted milk bottle, I used Epsom salt to fill it and then used an old milk cap to seal it.  The brown bottle we found out here on the farm and it was just washed and then I added a paper label with adhesive.

We also went thrifting at the charity shops throughout the last year and found a few little treasures to add to our Darling Girl's birthday box.....

The old pitcher will match a washbasin that our daughter collected years ago (inside are the components to electrify one of her kerosene lamps...she will be jumping for joy). The sweet vintage hat will not just sit idle as a decoration....our Girl wears hats everywhere!The creamer and sugar bowl (missing it's lid...but could hold spoons or tea-bags) will look charming on her antique dining room table!

Abundant love and thought went into making a special assortment of gifts for our Darling Girl, leaving plenty left over to go out to a special family dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant!

Never let money define your heart Dear Reader. 

Yours kindredly,




Nadine said...

What wonderful gifts for your daughter...very creative of you! I am sure she will love them!



Anonymous said...

lovely idea Shan! Wow! I thrift for gifts too! But this is a big all year thrift!

Im going to definetly adapt this concept! I love how you made the vintage cans, and I love all the treasures you have found. Any daughter would love this gift!

Thanks so much for sharing, and Happy Birthday wishes!


Kimberly said...

I was thinking of you just this morning as I was putting honey on the boys' toast for breakfast. Glad to see you are doing well.

Love the birthday gifts, beautiful dressing ideas and more. I would love to meet up whenever you have the chance. BTW-what bulk warehouse do you use?

Suzanne said...

What a lovely idea! My daughter turned 22 on Candlemas day or Groundhog day as some call it. She would love a tin can set of these :-)



Anonymous said...

Shan, thank you so much for this! I have been wanting to find something that wouldn't be so costly and you have really helped in that area. I love the blog and enjoy all topics you share with us. You are such a sweet lady to reach out to everyone. God Bless you. Love,Gayle