Monday, January 18, 2010

From My Sewing Basket.....A Lovely Jumper or Dress


Dearest Readers,

I have found a charming, easy and feminine jumper/dress pattern that I would like to share with you! (I don't think that it was intended to be a jumper, but I think it lends itself very nicely to that variation.)

Simplicity #5189

This is the jumper that I featured in my latest entry in The Art of Dressing Like a Lady series(see post below).  Although it is hard to see in the photographs, this jumper/dress has lovely princess seaming and tie-backs to make the fit very flattering. No buttons or this is perfect for every level of sewing!

I chose view E and just left off the sleeves for a jumper style.  I also liked the ties that start on the front of the dress on view C and opted for that version. I didn't make any other alterations and the fit is wonderful.

This pattern runs a little on the small side and is sized for a B cup fit.  So if you are larger than a B cup you should choose the next largest size. 

I am in the process of making 4 more of these darling jumpers and have taken some inspiration from the Victorian/Edwardian necklines and trim should be interesting to see what I come up with!

Here is the fabric that I have chosen:

I hope that this will inspire you to dust off your sewing machine and make something for yourself.  It is very rewarding, not to mention cost effective, to sew your own garments. 

Yours so very kindredly,


2 comments: said...

I too found this pattern when going through the books at the fabric store two weeks ago. Unlike you I didn't purchase it because as a good mom, my daughters needs were met first. In the back of my head what Oprah saying this style is old and unflattering.I'm not a Oprah fan but I remember her saying this many years ago. Hence I didn't purchase the pattern. What a shock to see how nice this pattern turned out for you. A pleasant surprise! I really like your beige print you have on the cutting board. Please do share your finished pieces.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Shan,

I cannot tell you how delighted I was when my dear husband told me I had a comment, and found it was from you! It is so good to 'see' you again dear friend! I am oh so thankful you found me, so I could find you again!!! I now have you listed in my 'dear friends & lovely places' so I can visit you often! Thank you for your very sweet comment and taking time to leave your calling card. I am so glad you think my home is looking Victorian. That is just what I am trying to achieve. I would be thrilled for you to make those dolls! I did use a pattern from Renee Plains of Liberty Star, but I think they are no longer available, as I have had them for some time. You are such a talented seamstress I know you could duplicate them, and I look forward to seeing yours!!! That would make me quite happy!

I enjoyed your Christmas tour so very much! Your Victorian Honey Hill Farm is absolutely gorgeous and quite a source of inspiration for me! Speaking of beauty, you my dear friend are a beautiful lady!!! How wonderful to be able to see your lovely self! You are not only outwardly beautiful, but inwardly as well! You have such a sweet spirit, that just warms my heart! I love the dress you made and I thank you for sharing the pattern. I always wear skirts and only have a few dresses, as they are difficult to find suitable ones to wear. I will have to get this pattern and see if I can make one as pretty as yours. The fabrics you chose are so pretty and feminine.

Thank you again for visiting and for your kind words!

Much love from your kindred spirit,

Paula from Rose Cottage by the Lake