Tuesday, February 23, 2010

S is for Sewing......My Sewing Planner

Dearest Readers,

I have been slowly organizing my Sewing Planner (I purchased the PDF from A Little Grace and Charm) starting with this page....

It is so nice to be able to sketch my ideas for my next jumper, making notations and calculations as I go along.  I will print out a sheet for each project and keep them in my planner...how nice to have a record of my sewing projects. Here is the page, safely tucked inside my planner...

I also am copying the front and back of all of my sewing patterns and putting them in my sewing planner (a homemade divider keeps things easily accessible).  How many times have I been at a store or charity shop and come across beautiful fabric or trims, but couldn't remember how many yards I would need for a particular project?

I have a nice pocket in the front for sewing/crafting coupons and fliers and I added a pencil bag to keep a measuring tape, fabric samples, a pen and calculator all ready for my next shopping trip.

The back pocket holds paper for taking down notes or making lists.

Hooray for organization....an essential element in the well-run household!

How do you keep all your sewing and crafting projects organized? Do tell.

Yours kindredly,


P.S. I don't receive any compensation for any of the products I mention....I just want to share my lovely "finds" with you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for showing how you have used this planner! I just purchased the whole planning set this morning! I am so excited to get my planner together!

I have been a long time lurker of your blog and I just wanted to say I love your blog!!!

Blessings on your day!

Love, Heather


www.sweetlocuslane.blogspot.com said...

What a wonderful idea!

I am forever going into the fabric store with a pattern in mind but don't know the length of fabric needed. This would work out wonderful ( when I remember to bring the book...that 48 year old memory lose thing!) I already have a price book in the van, why not a sewing one. You are a gem! Glad to see your post today, I have missed you.

Nadine said...

Your sewing planner looks beautiful Shan! I am considering purchasing their planner, as it is so beautiful and well done.

I keep my sewing projects/ideas in a three-ring binder and have dividers for the different types of crafts.

Always enjoy my visits to your blog - God bless you my friend!



Nadine's Nook

Bonnie at http://crabapplepond.blogspot.com said...

Oh that looks so beautiful- but is practical and handy at the same time!

Might I suggest a small compact mirror,added to the pencil pouch? Sometimes I'll find a fabric I like, but I am unsure how the color looks on me. While a compact mirror doesn't give you a big view, it's helped me more than once to see right off the bat if a color is good on me or not.

Just a thought!

bodkin said...

Dearest Bonnie,

I think that the idea of a mirror is wonderful and will have to tuck one inside my pencil bag!

Thank you for visiting me here at my old homestead.

Yours kindredly,


Honey Hill Farm

canadaroxieg9 said...

I haven't dropped by for a visit for a loooong time so thought I would this morning. Love your pretty blog and love the sewing planner even if I would never get around to one it is nice to look at! God Bless Roxanne