Monday, March 1, 2010

Notes from the Foothills......

Dearest Readers,

March is here, rather like a lamb...a spring the temperature here is hovering in the 50's!  Spring fever abounds and I have been pouring over my seed catalogs with the overwhelming desire to plant something, anything, in the rich soil.  Of course, it is far too soon, so I will just have to be patient and wait until the ground is ready.  I am going to try to grow a few cool weather varieties out in our cold-frame for the first time, as we didn't install it until too late in the season last year.

I have made a list of sewing, crafting, and indoor projects that I wish to accomplish prior to Mother's Day (the official day for planting around here) so that I may then turn all my energies towards my "outside" home and all its pleasures.  

As the stores are already being stocked as if it were summer, I will be keeping an eye-out for budget-friendly cushions for the little wicker love-seat and chair that reside on our front porch, as the current cushions are in a sad state of disrepair.  Our dog, Shiloh (also known as Armageddon) has taken a fancy to sprawling upon the love-seat....she has been most unkind to the upholstery fabric. 

Normally, we would never have allowed her to settle upon the love-seat (she has a dog bed on the porch floor), but after her horrible accident last year, we just didn't have the heart to scold her when it made such a comfy place for her to watch the world go by.  Me thinks she is spoiled!

I also want to have Dearest attach a flower box in front of the upstairs bedroom window...I think that it will be so charming come spring! The house always looks fairly "bottom-heavy" as all the color and decor is found around the first would look nice to have a little color splashed about on the second level as well.

Also, I wanted to share a link with you, Dear Readers, as I know many of you are familiar with the West Ladies and their series "Homestead Blessings".  I have two of the sets and reference them time and time again in my pursuit of a gentle life.  Well, I was pleased as punch to find that these dear ladies have their very own blog.....Homestead Blessings! It is full of beautiful pictures and excerpts of their simply lovely days along with a link to their website that features all of their DVD's.

Another wonderful place to visit is the Sugar Pie Farmhouse (see button on my right-hand sidebar)!  The newest post is full of wonderful inspiration about our hearts and homes...not to mention an adorable pantry, complete with a flickering lantern (I would love to have one!).

I hope you have a gentle day, my dear, sweet friends.

Yours kindredly,


2 comments: said...

I am looking forward to your flower boxes in the upstairs windows. I too have a bottom heavy garden around the house. Even hanging baskets don't help. I am looking forward to your sewing display. Like you I am busy sewing before the garden season is upon us. I'm afraid that Maple Syrup has already gobbled up my time a bit already.But I am smocking for the granddaughters and quite enjoying this. Waiting on seeds to arrive.

Nadine said...

I too am so ready for spring!

Thank you for the link - I knew they were going to start one, just not exciting!