Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Day Vignette.....

Dearest Readers,

As Mother's Day is fast approaching I though I would share my entryway vignette.....

I must admit that this is a very bittersweet holiday for me, as both my own Mother and Mother-in-Love passed away long ago. But God blessed me with many loving "Mothers" who thoughtfully stood in their places and spoke words of kindness and wisdom throughout the years.

(I know some of you, through losses of your own, find this day to be a difficult one....please know that you are in my prayers.)

The journey of raising my own children has been the most delightful and beautiful adventure I could have ever hoped to enjoy....and I am ever grateful. Thank you Dearest God!

So to all Mothers, by birth or by heart, I send you my love....

Yours so kindredly,



Nadine said...

Your home looks beautiful decorated to celebrate motherhood!

A happy Mother's Day to you!



Kimberly said...

It all looks lovely-as always! Thank you for your sweet comment and offer to help. As we do not yet know where we will be going all I can do is say thanks for now. I may call for help later though!

HSBFrontPorch said...

Oh, that is just beautiful!

I, too lost my mother many years ago; but the Lord has blessed me with "other Mothers" who have helped fill that void.

Thank you for a lovely post!

southernmomma said...

That is just so sweet. And your pictures are just beautiful. Blessings, Ann

Laura of Harvet Lane Cottage said...

I enjoy moving furniture around, too.

When we got married, nothing was safe. We didn't have much furniture and it could end up in any yes any room!

I must make some oatmeal cookies soon, too!

Do drop in,