Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Dappled Day.....

Dearest Readers,

What a lovely day of dappled sunshine here at Honey Hill Farm! I so love the way the golden light streams into each room...bliss. I cannot seem to capture that beauty on film, but I wanted to try.

Tonight will just be leftovers, so I plan to spend the late afternoon relaxing and reading all my Victorian magazines for of my great pleasures. I always seem to find something that encourages me to move a piece of furniture to another room so Dearest is always a little worried when he see the stacks of magazines near my cozy chair...LOL!

The coming week will find us much occupied with gardening, planting a few roses, volunteering for the Referee Fall Draw, attending a Graduation party and all the general loveliness that belongs to each day...a full, to over-flowing week to be sure.

It is my heartfelt wish that each of you have dappled, sunshine filled days in the coming week.
Yours so kindredly,


sweet locus lane farm said...

How fortunate you are to be able to keep all those Victorian Magazines. I keep clipping pictures out of them and pasting them in my journals. I'm afraid I'm not good at keeping things around, magazines being the one thing I dislike hanging around.Gardening has taken a huge hold on me this past week as well. I still have pole beans to plant. Could use some rain though. I hope you are getting some. Have a wonderful week.


Paula said...

Dearest Shan,
You have captured the dappled light beautifully! I love visiting you and your Honey Hill Farm! I always leave feeling peaceful and refreshed, inspired too, for I love how you decorate! I got tickled about the Victoria magazines and your dearest getting a little worried. It is the very same in our home! You home it truly a beautiful place sweet Shan! You have decorated it with love and a most wonderful Victorian touch! It looks like it is from that lovely time. Enjoy gardening and all of the other activities. I am glad it is warm enough for you to work in your garden. Thank you for your kind wishes, I wish the very same for you! Love your kindred spirit! Paula

happy momma said...

Shan, as always your home is beautiful, one of peace and inspiration. As I wrote to you a while back, I'm still working on mine. I look at your photos for inspiration as you say you look at your magazines. Thank you for being such a dear lady and sharing the sweet spirit the Lord has placed in you.

Nadine said...

Love the new blog...very pretty!
I adore your home Shan - it always looks so warm and inviting!


Sandra said...


Followed you over from HSB - love the look of your blog here. Have you had it all along. Well I've started following you here and look forward to reading more.


Sharon said...

Good morning Shan :)

Thank you for visiting my blog :) It is always encouraging to see other sisters in the Lord blogging :) Feel free to use whatever background you like, I thought the strawberries were cute too!I found you thorough both Nadine and Paula, your home is lovely :)

Have a blessed weekend!