Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Still here, just very frustrated....

Dearest Readers,

I received a comment, went to read it and found my dear little blog was changed...boo hoo! I knew this was going to happen, but I must confess after looking around I don't like what I see.

I will endeavor to make my blog look as cozy as before...but it may take awhile.

Yours very kindredly,



I will be adding all my cozy touches soon....I hope you will feel right at home!


inthedeepwoods said...

Oh my and you had your blog very customized too. Good luck, I hope it all works out for you on this one.

sweet locus lane farm said...

Dearest Shan

I have been checking daily and was getting homesteadblogger home page and getting so frustrated because I missed your site. Glad to have found you again, frustrated but well.......I hope? Hope you find something to like to personalize your blog again.


Julian said...

i like the look of this one. I have been wondering where you dissappeared to, and now ive found you! Have a great week!

sweet locus lane farm said...

Shan try this site for beautiful blog backgrounds.


Paula said...

Hello dear Shan,
So glad to see you here at blogger and that you like it! Thank you for visiting me and for your sweet words! Yes, we are blessed to be mother's! I wish we lived next door to each other too! Your blog is lovely~ just like you sweet friend!
Love and blessings to you,

happy momma said...

Hello Shan, It's good to see you here. I have a blog on homestead(happymomof4), but started one here and love it. Your blog posts have always been so uplifing and beautiful, and I look forward to many more. Hope you come by to visit. God Bless

Bonnie said...

I was wondering what happened when I went to visit the other day!
So glad you're here on blogger, and didn't just vanish into thin air!

C. C. said...

Hi Shan!

Welcome to blogger. I'm sure this will be just as cozy to you as before!

C. C.

Amanda said...

I am also getting frustrated with HomesteadBlogger. I was acrually able to post today though ;- )

My Dd (ShyCountryGal) is so upset that she lost her template and doesn't think that she will be able to get it back the way it was. She like you, worked very hard on making it personal and *cozy*.

Anyway, glad I am still able to follow your blog. It is very uplifting and encouraging inj a day where being a Home maker is not looked at as something worthwhile.

Amanda <><
Matthew 6:33
Mark 12:30