Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Victorian Flag....

Dearest Readers,

Time flies here at Honey Hill Farm! My goodness, here it is almost the Fourth of July, so you know that I have draped everything in patriotic frippery!

I bought a beautiful, large cotton flag at Goodwill for $4.99 and couldn't wait to get home and "Victorianize" it!

First, I boiled water and added instant coffee ( I buy the least expensive brand I can find)....

I added my flag (after fixing the torn hem) and put an old pizza pie pan on top, weighing it down with an obliging brick....

I left the flag overnight and....voila! Instant old-timey, Victorian loveliness! I could hardly wait for this lovely flag to dry on my clothesline!

I added romantic fringe to the end and then gave this beauty a quiet resting place in our library...

I just love this time of year....we are all so blessed to live in this great country....all our freedoms and liberties, so proudly and dearly held near to our hearts....and delightfully celebrated in our homes!

Yours so kindredly,
P.S. Note to Miss Paula....I would love to be able to read your blog again, dear friend.

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Sharon said...

I LOVE this idea Shan, thanks for sharing :) It looks beautiful!