Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Patriot's Shadow Box

Dearest Readers,

After crafting a Patriot's Shadow Box for both my Father and Dearest's Father for Father's Day, I knew that I wanted to create one to honor all the heroes in our family!

I already had the large shadow box that I re-purposed for this project (you can find them at virtually any craft supply store). I printed 8 x 10 pictures (printed from scanned photos, as I would suggest not using the originals in craft projects) and used a beautiful gold trim to frame each photo. So Victorian!

I found the lovely Army and Navy medallions/stickers (I secured them to a piece of cardboard) at Michael's and made a rosette with my ribbon. It is easy peasy....just gather one side along the wire and secure.

I printed copies of old postcards and added them to the display titles...

A little bit of gold ribbon added drama and tied the elements together.

I will be on the lookout for old war medals to add a sweet touch to the vignette...

Of course, I had to drape the entire frame with a lovely shawl....I love swagging and draping!

A very simple but loving tribute....for the heroes still with us and those that have gone on...we, here at Honey Hill, are proud of your sacrifice!
I hope you enjoyed a peek at this craft project...
Yours so kindredly,


Nadine said...

How lovely...you did a wonderful job!


Sharon said...

Dear Shan,

Just beautiful and what a wonderful tribute to those men who served.

Have a beautiful day!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Your blog looks so cute and ready for the 4th! I love the shadowbox! I've been meaning to do one for my husband of his Grandfathers medals and things.


Barbara said...

That is such a lovely tribute, you did a good job dear, and honor them always, God bless you and have a very blessed day, Barbara