Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Working Hard....

Dearest Readers,

I hope you don't mind the dust...I have been hard at work creating a background and banner of my very own.(I have made banners for quite awhile, but I needed a different template for Blogger).
As with most new things my endeavor proceeded with fits and starts, but overall I like the look and hope to improve my technique. It actually isn't too hard and now that I know the pitfalls, it shouldn't take quite so long to "decorate" my sweet home here at Blogger.
Yours tired, yet kindred,


Barbara said...

have fun creating, and just keep palying until it is just the way you want it too look, hugs Barbara

Anonymous said...

It is my son's birthday, too. He's 25 :)

Anonymous said...

Have you finished any other jumpers? I have the exact pattern that you made up in denim back in January I believe. You posted photos of the fabrics you were going to use. I would love to see your jumpers. I have to get sewing! It's hot here and I could sure use nice cotton jumpers to wear over fresh white tee shirts.